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There's Just Something About a Missing Tooth Grin

Official School Picture Day Fun

Building a Class Photo

It's fascinating and entertaining to watch a class photo come together. The photographer starts with the direction to line up shortest to tallest. He has no idea what this sets in motion. They will measure to 1/100th of a millimeter if they have to in order to  prove where they belong in the line. The older the class the more important it seems to matter. Today it was fun to watch the photographer say, ok the tall one come over and four 5th graders all confidently headed to the chairs at the same time; so then he says no the other tall one, the tallest one and that down to the millimeter comparison intently began. You can see that height becomes more important than the hair, ties, sweaters or any other detail of picture day. I thought you might enjoy a few pictures of just how that picture you'll frame or put on the refrigerator door is built, by seeing a few pictures I took while Mrs. Heyder's second grade was arranged and rearranged into that perfect picture so  you can see each precious smiling face.

Our 4-Year-Olds Patiently Wait Out the Rain and Teach What Animals Like Rain

Dear St. Rose Families,

Happy October! We are already half way through the first quarter and the second half isn't only zooming by, but is filled with events and activities. I don't know if it needs to be mentioned anymore about how busy our classrooms and halls are; as it seems that has become the daily constant for this school year. As you can see by this week's update, we have shared many good things; and today God is bringing us a most beautiful change in the weather with sunshine and warm temperatures that will usher in our day and our Fall Field Day of Team Building. We are grateful, once again, to Team DIG for joining us to provide coaches for our morning of outdoor fun. 

Of course even on the rainy Wednesday, picture day brought memorable moments. Our students looked especially lovely and handsome in their dress uniforms, new haircuts, and even with missing teeth. Our little leaners made their way over to the Gathering Hall just in time, as the rain poured down while they had pictures taken, and they had to spend some time waiting patiently for the rain to stop to return to their classrooms. They were in fact very patient, and the rain didn't dampen their spirit or smiles. They were right outside the room where I was making copies so I went out to visit and asked them if they thought we should build an ark like Noah.; and if we did should  we take animals with us just like he did. I suggested one of my favorites, a giraffe, when the little guy, in the picture above said, noooo we can't do that, giraffes don't like rain. Even after all these years I'm still learning new things every day. He then proceeded  to tell me a list of animals that did like rain and we should take.  Just about then a few classmates started to enthusiastically jump up and yell out; elephants and dolphins and a host of other water loving animals. By the time they were done we had a full ark and the giraffe was going to have to stay in my office. 

These are our days, big and little moments that write our stories that warm hearts, bring joy and hope, and a lot of smiles and giggles. When you are here, you can't resist just asking a question or simply saying hello because you are almost guaranteed to be entertained and informed by what they have to say; and that goes for the littlest to the biggest.

As October breezes bring that crisp air, autumn smells, and the leaves let go and take their flight twirling and dancing to pile up on the ground; I hope you have time to pause for adventures that make memories and warm your heart too!

Happy October Days!

Mrs. B

SRS Student Council Leadership


President Adriana Kari        Vice President Liam Kirkman

Secretary Shivanjali Bhagania  Treasurer Robert Caulfield

Publicist Bennett Malo

Sixth Grade Class Representatives: Matthew Belisari &

                                     Noorshivan Bhagania

Seventh Grade Class Representative: Kenneth McGahren

A Job Well Done by All Candidates

Campaign posters and speeches were done with creativity and a lot of dedication from the students who applied to run for Student Council roles. Hearing students chat about the election, praise peers for a great speech, wishing each other luck and having all middle schoolers present, so everyone's voice was heard and each one voted; our election delivered a team of student leaders to encourage service, plan activities, fundraise, and raise school spirit. The new team was excited with the news and are filled with ideas and enthusiasm. The best thing about our students is that those who didn't get elected are not giving up, but have already been asking me how they can still be involved. So with that  we are more than ready to get going and the dedication and support will get us farther than we even realized we could go! Congratulations to all candidates and especially to our newly elected officers!

A Birthday to Remember!

The Best Part of Blessings, Gifts, & Talents is Sharing Them With Others

Several of our 7th graders spent an early dismissal afternoon, with Mrs. Ferriter, painting stained glass windows at Everwonder Children's Museum in Newtown. You can visit the museum to view their creations. We are proud of our artists for sharing their time and talent to bring beauty into the lives of others.

Artists of the Month - September

Sophia Syrdynsky


Journey Duda

1st Grade

Luke Pendergast

2nd Grade

Adela Bydlak

3rd Grade

Alexandra Anzalone

4th Grade

Ava Grace Mazurovsky

5th Grade

Diana Chomiak

6th Grade

Haley Ventresca

6th Grade

Daniel Hanley

7th Grade

Damien Tokar

8th Grade

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A Few More Noteworthy Bits 'n Pieces Before You Go

As We Begin October, Let's Look Back at Some of Our September Learning Fun

Third Grade Hopper Poppers

Third Grade is exploring force and motion. Students made a folded piece of cardboard jump high in the air, propelled by the pulling force of a rubber band. They discussed the forces involved in making this “Hopper Popper” jump.

Johnny Appleseed Inspired Lessons in Grades 1 & 2

After School Programs

Our Goal is Something for Everyone

Strong Beginning for Varsity &

JV Boys' Basketball

Over 20 Players Training for JV Try-outs

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Looking Ahead ...A Few Dates to Circle

October 6 - Fall Field Day of Team Building

October 7 - Early Dismissal

October 10 - NO SCHOOL

October 12 - Enrichment Field Trip-Schoolwide, In-school

October 13 - Pumpkin Bowl

October 17 - Winter Uniforms Begin

October 21 - The Blooms Gala to honor Sister Thaddeus

We are still in our warm weather uniforms but the days can be brisk; we want to get the children outside for fresh air as often and as for long as we can. We ask that you make sure that your child has a St. Rose sweater or fleece, and also a lightweight jacket.

A Bubbly Good Time Set for October 12 

Preschool through 8th Grade Enrichment Assembly

A Little Bit of Science, Magic, and a Whole Lot of Fun!

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