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Grade 8 is currently presenting projects on elements; their culminating presentation piece is an Elements Baby Book. Like any prized baby book it includes a baby picture of the element, birth certificate, and family tree, all based on the Periodic Table.

Sixth graders did a demonstration on the gas laws and created Gas Law Booklets. While 7th graders just completed a five day lab on diffusion and experimented with an egg. They created booklets on plant and animal cells.

Our third graders built bridges with 20 pieces of spaghetti and masking tape; the challenge, it had to be strong enough to hold 9 cans of soup!

Our fifth graders, learning more about the engineering design process, took a recent lesson outdoors as they worked to find the perfect design to achieve the greatest flight distance. A few trips back to the design table to utilize their problem solve skills and adjust a few folds before sending their plane up into the air brought a lot of discussion, collaboration and friendly competition to a windy afternoon.

Our TK class took advantage of the sweet fall harvest and did a tasting of apples. While our second graders did a hands on lab working with the different states of matter.

Dear St. Rose Families,

Greetings from our buzzing hallways and classrooms where fun, learning, and the holidays are all colliding in some of the best experiences of the year! We have Christmas Concert practice in the music room, fall art creations in the art room, decorating pumpkins in the 4th grade class, Student Council class representative speeches and elections all around, and a lot of exciting science and STEM activities with our littlest to oldest learners; with a lot more on the horizon in the weeks ahead. Yes, those are December dates you are already seeing on the list of dates to circle on your calendars; which just proves the saying, "time flies when you're having fun."

As you can see by the pictures captured in the classrooms, science and STEM are being delivered by our teachers on many different topics through creative hands on lessons. This is just a peek of the engaging learning that is happening with determination and diligence and a lot of collaboration and smiles.

Lessons aren't the only thing our students are diligent about; in the past few weeks, as I've been reviewing and meeting with our 8th graders about their Capstone Projects; and getting emails or visits from our middle schoolers, we have a lot of students eager to, not only do service, but to get others involved as well. Thank you to Ethan in 7th grade for bringing a service project idea to me; which in turn has become our starting point for a new initiative we are going to call, "Sunrise Service". Ethan's family is generously donated items for us to create snack bags for a shelter in Bridgeport. Our days being so busy, and after school filled with clubs and team practices; we decided to select an early morning to work on this project; so Sunrise Service has begun at SRS. In the hopper right behind it is a candy drive from which we will make Thanksgiving treat bags for the food pantry. This will also be a Sunrise Service activity; thank you to Megan, in grade 7, for taking the lead on this service project.

I was not surprised, but was so impressed by the Capstone projects that are being proposed by our Class of 2024. Everything from service projects that serve those in need, pet shelters, and the environment; to hosting Chess and Basketball competitions for charity. These are just some of the amazing ideas coming from our students. It is evident that they see the need to make the world a better place; and are finding creative ways to expand the list of opportunities for student participation based on the likes and passions of their peers and the SRS student body. I am filling up our school calendar with their ideas and projects and look forward to having them present their ideas to our school community. This is the first year for Capstone and I am confident this class is going to blaze a trail for future years.

We are happy to announce that beginning in November, we are bringing homework club back on Mondays and Tuesdays. Thank you to Mrs. Latham for taking on the overseeing of this club; we will be inviting our middle school students to volunteer as peer tutors to help assist those students who attend the

club on those days. The registration form link is included at the end of this newsletter.

We are almost to one of the most anticipated events of the year; the HSA Trunk 'R Treat. This Saturday promises to be not only a beautiful fall day; but the evening will be filled with ghosts, goblins, superheroes and a big cast of characters; oh and candy, yes let's not forget the candy and of course just a fun-filled night for our SRS families!

Speaking of candy, we will be collecting bags of individually wrapped candy for our Thanksgiving treat bags; so if you find you purchased one too many bags at Target, please consider donating it to our Candy Drive, November 1 through November 6.

What else is just around the corner, hmmmm....do I hear gobbling? I think so! Yes it is the annual Turkey Trot Food Drive!! We begin November 1 and will collect until November 15; with plans to deliver the food and Thanksgiving treat bags to Faith Food Pantry between November 16 and 18 so they will have full shelves in time for Thanksgiving pick up. Please consult the front office before you drive U-Hauls and Semi Trailers into the parking lot with your donations! ;) Will we surpass last year's total of 4,228 items? It wouldn't surprise me!

Before I end I just have to share a quick little story, as nothing warms the heart and puts a smile on your face than overhearing our little ones talk. So on Tuesday, kindergarten and first grade did a little pumpkin picking in our "St. Rose Little Pumpkin Patch." Thank you to Mrs. Phillips who set up the hay bales, scarecrows, and pumpkins; and to Mrs. Ellis who loaned us the bales of hay to get that pumpkin patch feel. The children were of course thrilled with this event and were so excited carrying their prized pumpkins around to show each other. It was then time for first grade to return to class. They were all lined up, hugging their pumpkins ready to go when one turned to look back and noticed that kindergarten wasn't lining up but was instead playing on the playground. So the first grader says to their classmate, "Hey, why are they getting to play and not going back into the school?" The answer from the classmate went something like this, "That's because they're little kids, they need their playtime and to run around for a while; we have work to do." We forget how quickly they grow up and age when they move across the hallway!

Wishing you some time to play and just run around this Halloween weekend!


Mrs. Mary Jo Bokuniewicz (Mrs. B)

Dean of Student Life

October's Special Lunch

Delivered and Enjoyed

Congratulations to 8th Grader Kaitlin Vesey, Newtown Rotary Student of the Month. Kaitlin, her family and 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Cicarelli, were invited to attend a Rotary Club Dinner Meeting where Kaitlin and other students from the Newtown schools were honored and presented with their awards.

Beyond the Classroom

The Future of Wall Street - SRS Finance Club

Coat Drive


End of Day

Friday Dismissal will be the final count.

Thank you for all your generous donations.

STILL TIME to Sign Up for Culinary Club and Preschool Soccer

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Click on link below for sign up forms. Register now, spaces fill up quickly for these programs.

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Be Part of

Immaculate High School's

Junior Inspire Choir!

The Music Department at Immaculate High School is excited to offer an opportunity for Grades 4 through 8 students to participate in our annual Christmas concert as a member of our Immaculate Junior Inspire  Choir ! If your student is interested in participating, here is the schedule:
  1. Mandatory attendance at all 3 listed rehearsals are necessary:
Monday, Nov. 20- 4:00pm-4:45pm; Monday, Nov. 27 - 4:00pm-4:45pm; Thursday, Dec. 14 - 4:00pm-4:45pm; Sunday, Dec. 17 - 3:00pm Dress Rehearsal
  1. Rehearsals will be held at the Monsignor Hossan Chapel, at Immaculate.
  2. The Junior Chorus will sing three songs, two of them will be sung with the Immaculate High School Concert Choir.  
  3. The Junior Chorus will be led by Mrs. Doherty, Choral Director at IHS. Members of the Immaculate High School Concert Choir will help lead the choral rehearsals. 
If your child is interested in participating, please contact Jennifer Doherty at jdoherty@myimmaculatehs.org and include the following information: 
  • Name of participant 
  • School and grade
  • Parent name, email and cell phone

  • Parents will fill out a consent of participation form at the first rehearsal and are welcome to stay to learn more about the program.

A Few Dates to Circle on Your Calendar...

October 2-27...Knights of Columbus Coat Drive

October 28...Trunk 'R Treat HSA Event

November 1...All Saints Day; Mass

November 3...No Student Mass; Buddy Gathering

November 1-6...Candy Drive

November 7...Election Day/Teacher PD-NO SCHOOL

November 13...Veteran's Day Assembly

November 14, 15, 16...Parent/Teacher Conferences;

Early Dismissal

November 22...Early Dismissal begins Thanksgiving Break

November 23-26...Thanksgiving Break

December 3...Advent Begins

December 4...Advent Reconciliation

December 8...Immaculate Conception; NO SCHOOL

December 12...Christmas Concert K-8

December 18...Christmas Concert Preschool

God sends us blessings in all shapes and sizes;

 each one to be treasured and shared with others.

A Happy Little Pumpkin Patch was setup on the playground for our Kinders and First Graders. Here are a few of the prized picks from the patch. Look for our Halloween Special Edition for more pictures from this beautiful fall afternoon.

It wasn't only the excitement of the pumpkin picking that made me smile. While getting ready to head back to the classroom, first grader, Charlie, asked me to take a picture of him and his friend with their pumpkins. It only took a few seconds before I found myself backing up step by step as the picture kept expanding with one more friend and then another. Charlie, I hope when you look at this picture you remember how much friendship surrounds you!

"I don't see how a pumpkin patch could be more sincere than this one." ~ Linus (It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown)