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Preschool - Where the Educational Journey Begins

Aye Mateys-It's Smooth Sailing from Here!

"I rejoice at Your word as one who finds great treasure."

Psalm 119:162

Our Students Pray at the 

Beginning of the School Year

We give you praise, O God, for everything that is new and beautiful, for everything which holds promise and

brings us joy.

Bless us as we start this new year with our friends and 

teachers. Help us to make the most of           

every chance we have to start anew.

May we show love to one another and to all. May the new

beginning of this school year remind us that you give us chances to start over again and again. Help us to forgive

others as we receive your forgiveness.

Help us to learn and to work together. Help us to listen when we should and to know the best words when we speak and

when it is better not to speak.

 We thank you for our friends. Help us to be good friends this

 year. Help us to be patient with ourselves and others.

Bless our school and keep us safe.

Be with us as we travel each day.

Help us to be aware of your love shown to us in

the people around us.

Bless all those who care for us in school and at home. Help us show our care for them and to say sorry when we need to. 

May our Blessed Mother Mary protect us; and help us to live as well as we can. Giving thanks and glory to God as she did. Amen.

Sage Advice for Our Class of 2023

from Monsignor

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A Few More Noteworthy Bits 'n Pieces Before You Go

Looking Ahead 

Welcome back to our families continuing their journey with us, those who have added another sibling or two to our student list; and a warm  welcome to our new students and families joining us for the first time. While we have only been back for two short weeks; it is comforting and fills your heart with joy to look around in the hallways and classrooms and feel like we've been back for months. The children have all settled in so quickly and it is evident that they are going to make the most of this school year!

We are excited to bring back some of our students' favorite activities and clubs. Student leadership will include Student Council , National Junior Honor Society, and Student Ambassadors. Opening a school store, sponsoring service projects, fundraising, and spirit raising are just some of the activities they will lead for our student body. Students will be engaged in leading prayer and announcements, making classroom visits, reporting school news, and representing St. Rose to their peers, our families, prospective students and families, and the greater Newtown and surrounding communities. 

Here are some highlights of our plans for the year. Homework/Tutoring Club will be expanding to help our students in multiple ways. In addition to providing a structured environment for completing homework; peer tutors will also work with students to help with organization, time management, and specific subject help.

Funds that are collected will be used for providing "After School Program Scholarships". I am thrilled that we will be able to offer this to our students. This will provide some financial assistance to students who want to participate in after school programs. The amount and number of awards will be determined by the amount of money raised by the Homework/Tutoring Club.

We want to encourage our students to think of ways to help other students through our programs and fundraising. In addition, we will also begin incentive programs (separate from service hours) to further build leadership and empower our students to use their skills and talents to enrich the experience of our whole school community.

We are excited about what the new school year holds in store for us! Watch for an Event Alert with registration information for clubs that will begin in late September and early October. In the meantime, don't forget about club registrations already available, including Team DIG sports, Band, Cooking, and Basketball.

Some of the upcoming activities on the list:

Homework/Tutoring Club

Model UN

Storytelling with Music

Rubik's Cube Challenge



Middle School Students will be receiving information for Student Council Elections and Invitations for Student Ambassadors next week. 

We are back and on our way! It is evident in the smiles, the laughter and through quick little chats that the children, faculty, staff, and families are feeling very blessed to be back together; welcoming new members, and embracing the many blessings God has sent our way for the new school year is definitely something to be grateful for at St. Rose School.

May this be a year filled with joy, hope, peace, and many reasons to celebrate!

Mrs. B

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