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Our Preschoolers Have Happily Settled in and

Our Kindergartners Agree,

"First Full Week and We're Feeling  Right At Home"

"As for me and my house we shall serve the Lord"

Joshua 24:19

A Few More Kiddos Feeling at Home

in their Classroom

Our Second Graders Start the Year with

Acts of Kindness

Our second grade is participating in Kindness Bingo completing acts of kindness in school, home and the community. These students wrote a letter to Dr. G and our Custodian, Mr. Cleeford.

“Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.”      1 John 3:18

8th Graders Get a Taste of High School

Our Class of 2023 traveled to Immaculate High School for Discovery Days. Spending the day visiting the school chapel, sharing in prayer, learning about what an IHS journey will be like, exploring the science and graphic design labs/classes, and experiencing the high school cafeteria; they returned all smiles with a lot to share with us. They also had an opportunity to visit with some of our SRS alumni, now Immaculate freshmen. We want to give a shoutout and thank you to former St. Rose Principal, Mary Maloney, current President of Immaculate; we hear she made our 8th graders feel special with VIP  treatment. Don't forget to stop by Immaculate's table at High School Night this evening.

A Happy Reunion with a Few Friends From

Our Class of 2022

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The Hallways are Alive with the Sound of

Our Littlest Learners

Skips, giggles, waves, high fives, and questions galore, quickly put a smile on your face when they come from our preschoolers, as they fill our hallways, classrooms, and hearts!

This first full week was certainly a busy one for all of us and seeing our little learners on the hunt for Pete the Cat, sitting in the big kids' desks, or marching back from having fun and games in PE; we learned that they are definitely not short on curiosity and stories when they stop to chat.

I think the most heartwarming comment came from one of our little guys returning from PE. The class told me they had been playing basketball; one made sure to point out that he was sweating from playing so hard. I told them I can't wait until they are in fifth grade and can be on our basketball team. Some told me they were ready and wanted to be a basketball player; but, one little guy was quick to let me know that wasn't on his list. He was happy and proud to shout back to me from the front of the line that instead, he was going to be a dad and firefighter. That's what keeps our faith and hope burning bright; from the littlest to the biggest that roam our halls, we know the world is in good hands for the future!

The Awe & Wonder of God's Gifts 

in Art and Science

Our Art and Science Labs have been buzzing, nonstop, with activity. Using their gifts and talents, our artists have taken the beauty within and around them to create  their first art pieces.  We look forward to seeing our walls and halls filled with their creations; and to celebrate our artists of the month. 

Our new Middle Schoolers are thrilled to be working in the science lab. These sixth graders are being entertained while learning about superworms! They practiced the skills of observing vs inferencing and the steps of the scientific method. As they observed the superworms they formed their own testable hypothesis about the  worm's type of living environment. They then designed their own experiments and collected data to formulate a conclusion.

A Few More Noteworthy Bits 'n Pieces Before You Go


Sixth Graders We Hear Some of You Are Ready to Start Looking at Schools Too; Please Bring a Parent and Join Us

Looking Ahead ...A Few Dates to Circle

September 16 - Band Preview Assembly

September 18, 19, & 20 - Religious Ed Begins-

                    Student Ambassador opportunity for grades 7 & 8

September 22 - Fall Field Day of Team Building

September 23 - Early Dismissal

October 5 - Picture Day - Wear Winter(Dress) Uniforms

October 7 - Early Dismissal

October 10 - NO SCHOOL

October 12 - Enrichment Field Trip-Schoolwide, In-school

October 13 - Pumpkin Bowl


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