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Fifth Grade received the Knights of Columbus invitation to decorate one of their many trees that will be on display at their museum. This year's theme "Christmas in the Castle" inspired decorations from around the world. Our creative crew made angels and wrote messages of the season to adorn the tree, along with homemade ornaments from around the world. Several of our students took on the "homework" of creating the tree skirt, tree topper, and garland. These and many of the ornaments were creations that they designed themselves. After the mass with the Bishop, the class boarded a bus for the K of C Museum where they decorated their tree, had a tour of the many creches on display, and enjoyed their lunch and a snack from our hosts. This is always such a heartwarming way for our students to get ready to begin the season. As you can see the work of many creative hands made a spectacular tree for all visitors to the museum to enjoy!

Click Here for More Pictures of Tree Decorating

Thank You Mother Mary for saying, "YES"

Mother Mary, pray for me this Advent so that I may do all that God wants me to do. You said "Yes" to all that God asked of you. Please pray for me that I may do the same.

Decorating into December

All Throughout the School the Students are Creating

to Celebrate the Season!

Dear St. Rose Families,

It's that time again, time to turn another page of the calendar; and we find that we land, not only on a new month, but on the last page of yet another year. We anticipate and look forward to so many things and before we know it they become fond memories that we share when talking with family and friends. As we enter the joyful month of December and all the waiting and anticipation it holds; I pray that, while we can't slow the clock down, or pause the days as they pass, that we can find ways to slow ourselves down a bit, to give us the time to take in the beauty and wonder that December is filled with as we focus on the true meaning of the season. We are blessed with a faith that teaches us so much and as we put up decorations, give and receive gifts we are reminded of the connection and meaning of those treasured traditions to the very first Christmas and what our true love, our Father, gave to us.

Of course there is no place like the halls and classrooms of a Catholic school to spend the Advent season. As much as our children get excited about all the things going on around them and make their lists, when they stop to pray, to listen to the story of the first Christmas; the awe and wonder of our littlest learners, and the deeper questions from our older learners bring us adults back to the most simple and precious meaning of why we are doing all that we are in this month.

As you look through the pictures today, I hope you see that childlike wonder and awe in how our children are beginning their Advent season. We are excited to spend the weeks ahead with them and hope we can celebrate the season with you through the lessons and stories they bring home to share.

While Thanksgiving is now a memory; I hope you know we are always praying in gratitude for our St. Rose community. Each day we are grateful that you entrust us with the most precious gift God has given you, your child.

We are grateful for your support and dedication and the generosity you showed through the food drive and Giving Tuesday. This is what, not only keeps our doors open and school moving forward; but it helps to foster our mission and set important examples for our children, which we see in their desire to serve through kindness, compassion, and generosity.

We truly had a beautiful and joy-filled month of November! From the 50th Day of School to the Book Fair to the Turkey Trot Food Drive to the Buddy Service Projects to Honoring our Veterans to the many creative ways we brought the Thanksgiving theme into our classrooms and into the hearts of others through our good works; it was a time we will look back on over and over again!

Now here we are on the first day of December, almost at the end of the first week of Advent; we have many ways we plan to celebrate the days ahead, including opening our Advent calendars each day, and following our Advent calendar of kindness.

The days will go quickly by, but I do pray for you to have the time to pause and slow down and experience the peace of the season, the time to reflect on the joy and love that comes from God, and the hope that renews itself each year at this time. We look forward to celebrating through the gifts and talents of our children on December 13th as we bring back our Christmas Concert with a few new additions. It will definitely be an evening to remember and will bring you even more joy of the season to fill your heart!

Wishing you a blessed Advent Season,

Mrs. B

God of Love,

Your son, Jesus, is your greatest gift to us.

He is a sign of your love.

Help us walk in that love during the weeks of Advent,

As we wait and prepare for his coming.

We pray in the name of Jesus, our Savior. Amen.

“Come people of Israel,

let us walk in the light of the Lord.” (Isaiah 2:5)

Artists of the Month

Jason Chawi


Jason Plachincki

First Grade

Finley Nordt

Second Grade

Kevin Lam

Third Grade

Maria Galhardo

Fourth Grade

Ripley Franson

Fifth Grade

Joseph Monckton

Sixth Grade

Bernadette Biasetti

Sixth Grade

Liam Kirkman

Seventh Grade

Sarah Henderson

Eighth Grade

Fire Truck Returns to St. Rose, One More Time, to Applause and Smiles

After visits from Sandy Hook and Newtown Hook & Ladder to bring students to school and to teach about fire safety; the excitement of seeing the fire trucks in the parking lot for a friendly stop became a sought after prize. At October's Blooms Gala, a ride to school in a fire truck was one of the most sought after silent auction items. After much bidding, Jaylen and Journey were the lucky winners of that special event. They arrived at school to the cheers of their classmates, teachers, and staff. As they stepped down from the truck the excitement and joy in their smiles said this was definitely a day made of lasting memories.

Click for Album of Pumpkin Bowl Spirit

Before We Move On,

Here is a Look Back at November Memories

Click Here for November Highlights

A Few More Noteworthy Bits 'n Pieces Before You Go


We have been enjoying a wonderful time with everyone that has joined us at Encounter!

Our next meeting is Friday, December 16, 6:30-8:30m in the Holy Innocent Building. We will spend time together enjoying pizza, playing games, learning about Adoration, and spending time in prayer with Christmas music.

Parents are invited to join us in the Church from 7:15-8:00pm, if they'd like to join us in praying and can spend time together with other parents 8:00-8:30pm.

Please use the Google Form to RSVP!

Hello Everyone! I Have An Important Reminder

One of our littlest family members has a reminder for all the medium-sized and big kids in our school community...

We are getting into some very cold weather days; we ask that you send your child with a coat, hat, and gloves/mittens each day. We want to get them outside as much as possible when temperatures permit. Please be sure to label these with your child’s name as when they get left behind we like to find the owner so they have them the next day; and you don’t have to do a Target run to buy new items! 

Get Your Calendars Ready!

Looking Ahead ...A Few Dates to Circle

December 2......Honor Roll Awards following mass

December 5......Grade 7 Field Trip; Advent Reconciliation

December 6......St. Nicholas Day

December 8......Feast of Immaculate Conception, NO SCHOOL

December 10....Parish Live Nativity following 4pm mass

December 12....Sandy Hook Memorial Concert at 7:30pm

December 12-16...Toy Drive

December 13.....Christmas Concert at 6pm

December 14.....eLearing Day (Day of Remembrance & Prayer);

Sandy Hook Memorial Mass at 7:00pm

December 15.....Grade 8 Field Trip; Polar Express Day

December 16.....Youth Ministry Encounter Meeting 6:30pm

December 21.....Ugly Sweater Day

December 23.....Christmas DRESS UP day, Christmas Mass followed by Buddy Bingo. Early Dismissal at 11:30am.

Be sure to check your teacher's newsletters for dates of classroom activities and events.

Watch your inbox for "Adventures in Student Life Event Alert" for details on the toy drive and the Student Council "Candy Cane Lane", singing candy grams and candy cane themed items on sale in the upcoming weeks.

Dear Jesus,

You are the hope in this messy world. This Advent, help us slow down, listen to your voice, and focus on what's really important. We place our hope in you as we prepare our hearts to celebrate your birth on Christmas. Amen.