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Need a Beach Chair to Rent?
Beach Chair

Our beach chairs have multiple options for patient angulation from full supine to full upright position and deep natural cut-outs for shoulder access. Multiple cut-outs allow for flexibility in securing the specimen torso. Reinforced hinges provide added strength and stability. They come fully equipped with:
- large gel bump, for shorter torsos
- table clamps, to secure to host table
-perineal post for countertraction

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Year End Clearance Sale!!!
Steris OR Tables 3080/3085 (2 Available)

  • Powered up/down, Trendelenburg/Reverse, flex/reflex, back/foot
  • Powered lateral tilt
  • Radiolucent

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Why German Stainless Steel?
Reasons for Using German Stainless Steel
German stainless steel instruments are top quality and can last many years. Pakistan steel is another popular choice for instruments. However, Pakistan steel is not manufactured for the purpose of durability. It tends to rust or break quickly. German stainless steel is the preferred choice for the OR, and that is why we only use German stainless steel here at MED Source.
Peak Into Our Day
A Day in the Life of a Warehouse Employee
Our warehouse employees start off the day by checking the calendar for the days shipments, and they confirm that everything is packed and ready to go.Typically, they pack everything a week in advance so they are prepared to fill any last-minute orders. During the packing process, our warehouse employees pull all equipment and instrumentation and display it neatly for another employee to double check for completeness. The next part of their day consists of unpacking returned orders. When orders are received back from our customers, our warehouse employees check to make sure all components of the order are returned. They also ensure that all equipment is clean and functional so it's ready for the next order. All this double checking and verification is done to ensure that our clients can continue to rely on MED Source as their rental supplier.
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