Medical Marijuana Control Program
Advertising Enforcement Notice
The Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP) has worked to educate licensees on the requirements associated with advertising. Despite multiple reminders, the MMCP is aware of several instances of licensees failing to submit advertisements for review, and this will now result in potential enforcement action. Actively utilizing an advertisement not submitted for review and approved by the MMCP represents a regulatory violation.   

  • Advertisements includes but are not limited to, all business-to-business materials, strain sheets, social media, brochures, websites, and logos.
  • Advertising submissions may be submitted via eLicensing or email at
  • For additional guidance on advertising, please read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Extension of Processor Provisional License
Processor provisional licenses issued by the Ohio Department of Commerce are issued with the condition that a licensee must obtain a Certificate of Operation within six (6) months from the date of issuance, unless an extension of the provisional period is granted at the sole discretion of the Director of the Department. To request an extension, please review the directions and form here
System Maintenance
The eLicensing system will be unavailable from 4 p.m. Tuesday, June 4, to 8 a.m. Wednesday, June 5, for system maintenance . Please make arrangements for conducting business accordingly, and do not access the system during this time. 

eLicensing Reminder
Account Update: If an account is updated, it is necessary to notify the MMCP in order for the change to be effective. The MMCP will then assist in updating the account information. For example, changing the information of the primary point of contact for the account requires the licensee to notify the MMCP first. To notify the MMCP, please contact

Certificate of Operation Renewal Process
The Ohio Department of Commerce requires MMCP licensees to renew their Certificates of Operation annually. A renewal option will be available for licensees within the eLicensing system when the licensee reaches 90 days prior to its expiration date.

To successfully renew your Certificate of Operation:

  • Complete and submit the renewal application in a timely fashion.
  • Pay the associated renewal fees. If the associated renewal fee has not been paid, the licensee's renewal application will not be considered complete and will not be reviewed by the Department.
  • As a condition of renewal, all facilities will be required to pass a full inspection no more than 90 days prior to the renewal date. 

A member of the Commerce compliance team will reach out to schedule an inspection at the appropriate time. If your inspection is due and hasn't been scheduled, please contact the MMCP as soon as possible at .  
MMCP Program Updates
Operating Licensees
  • Level I Cultivators: 9 of 17 provisional licensees
  • Level II Cultivators: 8 of 13 provisional licensees
  • Processors: 3 of 39 provisional licensees
  • Testing Labs: 3 of 5 provisional licensees
  • Dispensaries: 18 of 56 provisional licensees

Sales Totals
The following are program sales totals from Jan. 16, 2019 to May 25, 2019:
  • Total sales: $8.0 million
  • Total volume of plant material sold: 991 lbs
  • Total units of manufactured product: 8,226
  • Total Receipts: 57,212

The MMCP will update the numbers on a weekly basis at Click here to visit the program update page