We hope you had a great start into the cold and rainy season! The Media Link team is busy working on holiday campaigns, but we wanted to make sure to share some advertising industry updates and news about our team!
Happy Anniversary, Ben!
Ben Wildner has been part of the Media Link team for 5 years. He's been a fantastic resource in expanding our digital advertising and SEO capabilities and an absolute joy to work with every day!!

Ben graduated from Drake University with a BSBA and double majored in Marketing with a concentration in Integrated Marketing Communications and a second major in Radio/TV Production.
What is Reach?
It is rare for an advertising plan to only include a single order, or even several orders all of the same media type. We generally place a high priority on evaluating a wide spread of options for our clients, so our clients experience more savings.

One of the most important metrics we use to evaluate these options is called reach. In this article, we covered some of the basics of just what this term means and why it is useful in analyzing a campaign.

Intern Spotlight: Katrina van Horn
Katrina is currently interning with us here at Media Link and has been busy assisting us with a wide range of tasks. Her favorite tasks include assisting in research, writing blogs, and working on social media posts.

She is a Junior at Augustana College double-majoring in Communication Studies and Spanish. Katrina’s goal at Media Link is to expand her knowledge within marketing, enhance her writing skills, and apply acquired skills to her future encounters.

Fresh perspectives and creativity of interns like Katrina enrich our work which is why we have always valued a solid internship program at Media Link.

Guest Contributor: Dr. Burl Randolph, Jr., DM
Remote is not Regression: Leading in a Remote Environment
As professionals, we are all accustomed to certain things like the corner office, big desks and nice computers with plenty of space to do our work. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are forced to work at home, which is a dramatic change. This concept of Remote Work or Working Remotely may feel like a regression in what you or your organization have accomplished. This is only true if you allow it and at this point, I will diverge from my normal self and use a cliché’...
Actioncoach Marcia Erickson
"Taking an entire day to focus on my long-term goals for Media Link was so incredibly important." - Natalie, President of Media Link.

If you are a business owner and do not have a business coach, please take the time to find one. We don’t know, what we don’t know and this new knowledge has truly given us confidence and a way to maneuver through what we are all experiencing on different levels this year.
Industry News
How to Fix Your Lead Gen Funnel with Analytics
TikTok announces agreement with Sony Music Entertainment
Lifestyle Tips for Marketers
It has been quite an adjustment for people working partly or solely from home. An adjustment as well for families of those workers. But what about for your pets?

The Media Link Team wishes you a great rest of the week!

Natalie, Adrian, Ben, Brad, and Katrina