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Healthy holiday gift guide: 10 unique ideas they'll love
With the holiday season underway, you're probably on the lookout for gifts. When you're shopping for your family and friends (or thinking about treating yourself), why not look for gifts that are not only good value, but will also be of great use in the New Year as everyone kicks off their healthy resolutions and goals?

From kitchen tools to relaxation tech, here are nine giftable gadgets and tools - and one smart suggestion - that will give everyone on your list a wonderful health boost.
Tough conversations about money
Couples and Money

Studies have shown that money is the number one reason that couples argue.
Maturity Matters
A newsletter just for seniors
Did you know that some advisors are specially trained to assist seniors with their financial needs?

is our resident CPCA and EPC expert.

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Issue: #2018-12 December/2018

Oatmeal Choco-Cranberry Cookies

Nothing says the holidays like cranberries. This healthy version helps you stay on track for the new year.

Different savings options for different needs
The world of investing can be complex, but it doesn't have to be difficult
All it takes is some discipline and a little advice along the way. Your first step is to understand what your options are..
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