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No, this isn't that lesson from high school health class! We're financial advisors-- so naturally, we're referring to enjoying Valentine's Day without breaking the bank.
According to Real Simple, splurging on the typical dinner, wine, flowers and gift will cost you, on average, $500.
Aside from the savings, there are lots of great reasons to prepare a romantic dinner at home:
  • you won't have to book weeks in advance or face long wait times
  • you can make healthier meal choices
  • you can linger over dessert, knowing that there's no one else waiting for your table
  • you don't need to worry about drinking and driving 
For the culinary-gifted:
From cocktails and appetizers to main courses and dessert, you'll look like a superstar by choosing one of these amazing recipes from Allrecipes.
For the cooking-challenged:
If culinary skills are not on your resume, you might be better off impressing your sweetheart with some fab takeout.
There are some top-notch places locally to pick up pre-made meals that you pop in the oven at home (and take credi t for):
The Culinary Studio
Victoria Street Market
Chocolate covered strawberries are a Valentine's Day staple and usually quite costly.
Follow this easy 5-step video that even kitchen klutzes can master.
There are many stellar choices available at modest prices. Check out some of these pick from our friends at LCBO.
Magically, the price of a dozen roses seems to skyrocket at this time of year. Sometimes, a single rose or potted orchid can better express your sweetheart's uniqueness.
There are also some beautiful, showy alternatives that are less costly, longer lasting -- and that some people actually prefer:
  • carnations
  • gerbera daisies
  • babies breath
  • alstroemeria
  • tulips
  • lilies
There are so many iconic movies that you pick out for the big day. 
Lifehack  has a list of the 20 best choices-- so you can Netflix and Chill (whatever that means!).  
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Issue: #2017-2 February/2017

In the second month of the year,
our resolutions have either become
new habits-- or history. 
Our attentions are now focused on Valentine's Day, then shift dramatically to gathering receipts and prepping for income tax returns.

Some things to note: 
Wednesday March 1st*- RRSP contribution deadline
Monday May 1st- Personal Income Tax filing deadline
Children's Fitness Tax Credit- you can claim up to $500 per child for eligible programs in 2016.

For more info visit the CRA website

* for automatic withdrawal changes or RRSP loans,  please speak with your advisor 10-14 days prior
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Take a look at all the world events we've faced, dating back to the Great Depression:
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