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6 things you may not know you can do with your RRSP
For most people, an RRSP is a way to save for retirement and pay less income tax. Although RRSPs remain a great tool for retirement planning, there are some other really useful things you can do with your RRSP. Check out some of the other ways you can use your RRSP to achieve your financial goals:
Belonging to an employer-sponsored pension plan can help boost returns on workers' outside investments, according to new research by Statistics Canada. Although previous research examined how membership in a pension can affect how much employees save, Statistics Canada sought to understand the potential effects on generated returns. To that end, it analyzed the relationship between pension coverage ...
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Did you know that some advisors are specially trained to assist seniors with their financial needs?

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Issue: #2019-2 February/2019

Chocolate Fondue-- it's a thing again

People are rediscovering the beautiful simplicity of this blast from the past. It's easy, it's fun and so delicious! This beauty is featured on  

What your blood pressure says about you
Is your blood pressure healthy, borderline or risky?
Find out the BP basics and how you can help you keep your numbers in the healthy column.

Unless your family has a history of high blood pressure or your doctor has warned you about your own reading, chances are you haven't given this potentially serious and far-reaching medical condition much thought.
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