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NAFTA: Are we nearing the end?

Given the flurry of NAFTA headlines we've seen over the past year, it's tempting to brush the latest round aside as yet more noise. However, we may now be closer to a crossroads as the legislative landscape in the U.S. and Mexico is set to shift with upcoming elections.

How did we get here? On July 17, 2017, the United States Trade Representative issued Summary Objectives for the NAFTA Renegotiation. The document highlights "exploding" trade deficits and the closure of "thousands of factories" over the life of the 24-year-old trade agreement. At their core, the objectives centre on maintaining and improving market access for American agriculture, manufacturing and services as well as improving the U.S. trade balance.

Keeping our tourist dollars north of the border

One of the common sentiments in today's political climate, is that Canada is not well-positioned to win a trade war. That being said, many people are still opting to spend their vacation time and dollars here in Canada.

It may seem like a small thing,  but the ripple effect of a booming hospitality industry can only be a good thing.

Our friends at CAA have four great suggestions to revive the classic family roadtrip:
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It's time to show a little red & white pride!

Today is the day to celebrate all things Canadian. 
We live in an amazing country and we're not too polite to boast about. 

Spending Canada Day with friends and family? Why not t ake advantage of local produce in season and whip up one of the Food Network's:

50 red and white desserts
Getting a handle on hay fever

For many people, the joys of summer come with the suffering of hay fever. But there are new techniques and medications that can help.

Five years ago, the pain and pressure in Taylor Roberts' head was so bad he thought he had a brain tumour. Plagued by pressure in his neck, a "cloudy" sensation in his head and a sharp pain behind his eyes when he bent over, he was convinced he had something terrible.

"It was difficult to work," he says. "I couldn't concentrate. It was scary."
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