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Jamie Golombek- the Financial Post

The beginning of March marks the end of RRSP season and the start of tax season. The Canada Revenue Agency began accepting electronic returns as early as last week. Last year, nearly 90 per cent of the over 29 million returns Canadians filed were completed online. Let's take a look at what's new this tax-filing season and provide some tips to help you start your return.
Your biggest tax asset in retirement may be sleeping right beside you
Jonathan Chevreau: Planning jointly for retirement with a spouse pays off

As I am discovering while I prepare annual tax returns for myself and my wife (who at 64 is one year my junior), moving from wealth accumulation to "decumulation" is more complicated than holding down a full-time job and investing for growth.
Maturity Matters
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Issue: #2019-3 March/2019

A New Take on an Old Family Fave

In recent years, this comfort food classic has come under fire.
The culinary experts at Family Circle have given an American Classic a modern-day makeover.
Family Meals: Small Investment, Big Payoff
Reviewed by Taylor Wolfram, MS, RDN, LDN
If you're concerned about what your child does (and doesn't) eat, the solution could be as close as your kitchen table. Gathering around the table to eat as a family has all kinds of benefits. 
Family meals allow parents to be role models who create a supportive environment that promotes healthy eating.Family meals don't just mean better nutrition. Children of families who regularly eat together also are more likely to have higher intakes of fruits and vegetables and have a healthy weight, and are less likely to have behavior problems or use drugs, cigarettes or alcohol when they get older. Plus, they're closer to their parents. No wonder family meals are on the upswing.

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