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June 5, 2013



By now many of you have started the process of surveying the damage caused by the storms that occurred last Friday night.  I want to take a quick moment to offer a small, but very important piece of advice.  Make sure to properly document any areas of potential damage with measurements, quantities, a formal report, and photos. This is not only important to help you gain immediate resolution, but because we are already beginning to review claims that were improperly assessed and "closed" from damage as the result of the April 2012 hail storm.  Combating improperly assessed and "resolved" claims is virtually impossible unless the original damage was documented in great detail.  Also, keep in mind that any reports or assessments performed by the insurance carrier should be requested and kept on file.  We obviously wish all of you the best and hope for quick resolution. 
Feel free to call or email if you have any questions or need assistance.
Cale Prokopf
Project Consultant
(314) 687-5687

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