Spring 2022
Dear Advisors,

As you emerge from a busy tax season, we know your clients are relying on you more than ever to help them weather the storms of inflation, financial markets impacted by global unrest, and the looming potential of changes to tax laws.

As is so often the case during periods of volatility, philanthropy can be a steadying force. In that regard, our team at Akron Community Foundation strives to help you build deeper relationships with your clients. We hope this quarterly newsletter helps you start even more meaningful conversations with your clients as we navigate the rollercoaster of 2022's first half.

In this issue, we’re covering topics related to the shift in charitable priorities amid the current geopolitical and economic landscape. We're also continuing to keep you informed as more light is shed on what we might expect in terms of tax developments that could impact your clients' charitable giving.

As always, we’re available to answer your questions about philanthropy or to schedule a personal consultation with you and your clients – all at no cost.
Laura Lederer
Senior Director of Development & Advisor Relations
Akron Community Foundation
With President Biden’s Build Back Better 2022 budget reconciliation bill still pending, the White House recently released its Fiscal Year 2023 budget proposal laying out several revenue-generating components. Here are a few tax proposals that could significantly impact your clients' charitable giving.

For clients who own assets that tend to rise in value in an inflationary environment, now may be the time to take advantage of gifting those highly appreciated assets. Read on to learn why giving appreciated stock is one of the most effective ways your clients can support their favorite charities.

Qualified Charitable Distributions have been in the news a lot lately in light of the SECURE Act 2.0 legislation that passed the House of Representatives in March and is now pending in the Senate. Here are four important reminders about QCDs and how they can benefit your philanthropic clients.

In the wake of tax season each spring, questions often arise concerning clients’ gifts to various organizations and whether those donations qualify as tax-deductible charitable contributions. Let us help you navigate the rules of gifts to charities, social welfare groups, crowdfunding campaigns and more.

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Did You Know?
Families and private foundations who establish a charitable fund at Akron Community Foundation receive complimentary access to the services available through our Center for Family Philanthropy. These services include evidence-based practices to help families teach and execute their philanthropic values. Services are customized to the needs of the fundholder and may include facilitated family meetings, nonprofit site visits, grantmaking assistance and more. For additional information, contact Karen Hrdlicka.
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Senior Director of Development & Advisor Relations
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