E-Newsletter - January, 2015
What's new?

Starting this week, AdvisorNet Insurance will be hosting "10 Minute Debrief" webinars every Tuesday afternoon on a variety of topics.  These will be short and sweet, getting right to the point.  With so much information coming at us all from so many directions, it's easy to tune it all out.  


Our mission is to help highlight the most useful and impactful information that you can use in your practice now.  If the topic of the week is of interest to you, you only need to set aside 10 minutes.  If not, look for the next week's topic.  We hope you will find these useful.


Every Tuesday, there will be a 10 minute webcast at:

2:20 Eastern

1:20 Central

12:20 Mountain

11:20 Pacific

Upcoming Topics:

  • January 13 - Deferred income annuities-now allowed in IRA's, give clients peace of mind about outliving their assets and reduce RMD's.
  • January 20 - Drop tickets/e-delivery - Submit a life insurance application request in 5-10 minutes, deliver the policy electronically. Save time, paper & hassle.
  • January 27 - LTC Annuity/Life Hybrids- what's the latest.
  • February 3 - Participating Whole Life - why so popular, who are the carriers we have for you?
  • February 10 - Concierge Service - Learn how we can make Life, DI, LTC & Annuity Design & Implementation really easy for you and your staff.
  • February 17 - A New Look at FIA's with income riders, not anything like they used to be. 
  • February 24 - Know the Law - great resource that tells you the Estate and Income Tax, Creditor Protection & Same-Sex Marriage laws in each State. Your clients will have no idea how you got so smart!
Important Updates

CORRECTION!  In the December edition of our newsletter we stated Cincinnati Life no longer required an Accelerated Benefit Rider (ABR) form in MN.  We were misinformed. Cincinnati Life does require the ABR form be signed at the time of application in MN.


American General released the new Platinum Choice VUL which features strong death benefit guarantees , cash accumulation and the optional Accelerated Access Solution rider to protect against chronic illness expenses.  Go to the AIG playbook for more details.   


Principal Financial Group has long been a leader in the business planning market.  As part of the many tools and products available for business owner clients, Principal offers a complimentary informal business valuation.  This report is designed to help business owners not only with business valuation questions but also on how to protect and transition the business.  Check out this sample report.  Give us a call for more information at 877-285-5799.



Effective February 13th, 2015, Genworth will be discontinuing sales of the GenGuard UL.  The last day to submit a drop ticker through LQR is January 16.  Paper applications will be accepted through February 13Click here for more details.


The compensation on the Total Living Benefit Coverage product is being reduced to 6.5% in all states as well as reducing the product interest crediting rate to 3.60%. For more details, click here.


Just rolled out a new underwriting program, Enhanced Rate Plus.  Qualifying clients can get underwritten without labs or exams.  It's only available on the Promise Whole Select 10 product.  In some cases, for those that qualify for standard they could be pushed to Elite.  Consider this product and program especially in short pay scenarios.  Click here for more details.

Now offers e-delivery of inforce policy documents, such as annual statements.  Eligible clients already registered on MetOnline/eService have been notified.  Clients not registered can go online and request registration.  Click here for details.

StateLife/OneAmerica recently announced changes to Asset Care and Annuity Care products in CA as of 1/1/15.  The new Continuation of Benefits (COB) rider is now available, which includes Lifetime Benefits, expanded inflation and a 20 pay option.  The Annuity Care product will no longer be accepting qualified money premiums sources.  Click here for more details.

Great American announced a rate decrease effective January 21st.  Click here for current rates and deadlines.  If you have a case pending, please make sure funds are in before the deadlines.  If you have questions on the rate lock procedures, please give us a call at 877-285-5799.
You no longer have to be the book of knowledge, but rather, the librarian.

Important Dates & Upcoming Events
10 Minute Debrief

January 13th, 2015

Click here for schedule & links to register.


Wed., 1/21 Webinar

Allianz 360 Annuity  & 360 Benefit Rider Webinar


Wed., 1/28 Webinar

Navigating Social Security


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