E-Newsletter - July, 2015
What's new?

AdvisorNet Insurance's 10 Minute Tuesday's will be going on a break for the rest of the summer, stay tuned for a fresh round of new topics in the fall.  


Save the Date:  AdvisorNet will be hosting a LTC refresher course on September 16th from 9-2.   Watch for additional information and an official invitation in the next few weeks. 


Reminder: Please make sure you have completed your required state and carrier Annuity training prior to dating an annuity application.  If in doubt:  contact Cathy Barner or Robyn Santana to confirm. 


Important Updates

Banner will be implementing a COI increase for select universal life plans August 1st.  Policy owners will be notified by letter starting 7/15. Click here to see a list of potentially effected policies.  

Forethought has officially joined our carrier line-up.  They offer a competitive Annuity/LTC hybrid product as well as fixed an indexed annuity options. Contact Cathy Barner for more details.


John Hancock has recently added Estate Equalization tools that help show how life insurance can be used to help divide an estate fairly.     Click here for a sample strategy. 


Lincoln's Special Exchange Program allows clients to exchange their external term policies (written in the last 3yrs) from select carriers to their Treasury Indexed UL without further underwriting.  Click here for more details. 


Met Life has gotten some attention with their launch of the Premier Accumulator Universal Life (PAUL) product on June 1.  With a unique spread commission that would be familiar to Asset Managers, it can create very high early cash value with an IRR around 4% in the first couple years. It is Met's second product available for the Enhanced Rate Plus which gives clients the opportunity to boost their rating class from standard to preferred or elite in less than week - with no paramedical exams or lab work required.  Contact us for more details.


North American will be hosting a webinar 7/23 on the upcoming changes to the IUL regulations (AG 49) that will be put in place starting September this year. 

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Principal has published a white paper on the disconnect between business owners priorities and their actions.  Click here for more details and strategies to working with your business owner clients.  

You no longer have to be the book of knowledge, but rather, the librarian.

Important Dates & Upcoming Events
IUL Regulations
North American Webinar 7/23
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LTC Refresher Course

10 Minute Tuesday's
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