E-Newsletter - June, 2015
What's new?
Met Life has gotten some attention with their launch of Premier Accumulator Universal Life (PAUL) product June 1.  With a unique spread commission that would be familiar to Asset Managers, it can create very high early cash value with an IRR around 4% in the first couple years. It is Met's second product available for the Enhanced Rate Plus which gives clients the opportunity to boost their rating class from standard to preferred or elite in less than week - with no paramedical exams or lab work required.   Contact us for more details.  


Important Updates
P lease note, AdvisorNet Insurance will be closed for the day on Friday, June 19th
to work on the  AdvisorNet Habitat for Humanity  project.  Our staff will work diligently to have any requests and business processed before then.  We thank you in advance for your understanding and hope this does not cause you any inconveniences.


June is Annuity Awareness Month

follow us on LinkedIn to keep up with unique ways to build Income Protection Planning into your client conversations. Many carriers have increased interest rates/cap rates the last couple weeks.   Contact Cathy Barner for assistance with case design.  


Prudential is re-pricing their Founders UL (current assumption) to bring down prices and extend the natural guarantee to age 90 and above effective June 15.  This gives good cash build-up potential for those traditional GUL cases, with the ability to add the Chronic Illness protection. 


American General -Select-a-Term® delivers new, lower, market-leading prices and 17 tactical term periods, plus lower rated-case pricing. Visit aig.com/termlife for transition rules and to learn more. Rates have dropped as much as 16%. 


North American just released their updated Rapid Builder IUL.  It's great for those short pay accumulation sales, and offers 13 different index options.  They also have added additional commission options including: Heaped, Heaped/Asset Trail, % of Premium, and Asset based.  Contact Nick Weiler for more details. 


Transamerica will be raising monthly deduction rates on several universal life products sold from 1987 to 1998.  Starting June 8, mailings will be sent to producers who have sold any of the blocks selected.  Letters will then be sent out to affected clients outlining any changes.  Click here for more details. 


Nationwide has enhanced the YourLife CareMatters to deliver a greater LTC benefit pool, and the cash indemnity design provides maximum flexibility for clients.  They also offer a ROP and a 20% guaranteed residual death benefit. Click here for more.  

You no longer have to be the book of knowledge, but rather, the librarian.

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