E-Newsletter - November, 2015
What's new?
Reminder: Please make sure you have completed your required State and Carrier Annuity training prior to dating an annuity application.  If in doubt:  contact Cathy Barner or Robyn Santana to confirm.

November is Long Term Care Awareness MonthClick here for some marketing resources to help guide the conversation with your clients, whether it's traditional or combo LTC.  
Important Updates
Cincinnati Life has decreased their term rates in almost all segments, along with renaming their term classes to match up with the rest of the industry.  They will also be able to be quoted using Winflex. 
Lincoln has added their TermAccel to the other Drop Ticket options out there.  It's a quick application process for ages 18-50 on Term amounts up to $500k.  Quick approval process and the possibility to avoid APS records that could cut issue time in half.  Click here for more details.
Minnesota Lifewill be repricing their Advantage Elite Select Term rates starting November 21.  Rates will be decreasing between 3% and 15%. 
One America and State Life will be offering their Care Solutions Virtual University to show the Producer Top Ten Best practices for integrating Asset-Based LTC into your business.  Next event is November 20 th, 1pm EST.  Click here to register. 
Principal Disability has increased their Issue & Participation limits on select occupation classes.  This could be a great opportunity to increase coverage for 3A to 6A classes.  They also made some class changes for select medical occupations.  Contact Nick Weiler for more details. 
Protective had a rate decrease of 2% in many term classes. 

Are your clients seeing too much uncertainty with unpredictable market fluctuations?  But not enough growth with CDs yielding low returns? NO Matter what is happening on Wall Street, Fixed annuities may be the Right Fit.    Click here for more information.

The Concierge Corner
Welcome to our new section of the newsletter hosted by our new Concierge Services Desk Manager, Steve Hollatz
Steve:  I have over 18 years in the financial services industry and hope t hat concierge services can be an integral part of your team moving forward. After starting my career with Thrivent in their home office, I went on to spend some time in the field with a couple different firms including Merrill Lynch, then as a wholesaler for Transamerica and finally back to Thrivent as an internal/external point of sale consultant meeting with advisors and their clients.  I am truly excited to be working with a firm like AdvisorNet and the quality of financial professionals that they represent. My colleagues and I look forward to introducing the 'Concierge Corner' where each month we will touch on a sales strategy that you can hopefully take something away from and incorporate into your practice. 

A Life Insurance policy can provide upside potential with reduced market risk and add a predictable component to one' s financial portfolio.  It can also be viewed as a key component in adding flexibility to tax and estate planning. While it's not a new concept, it's time to rethink Life Insurance as an asset class.  Click here for details.
You no longer have to be the book of knowledge, but rather, the librarian.

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