The fire alarm system work schedule has been revised for the Equestrian Center
Project start: Monday, April 8
Final inspection: Tuesday, June 25

West Coast Fire's revised work schedule
Start: Monday, April 8
Work schedule: Weekdays, starting at 6 a.m. and ending between 2:30 and 4:30 p.m.
  • See attached schedule (below) for days that the fire alarm system will be installed in each barn.
Installing the heat sensors/smoke and strobes
  • The horses will need to be moved out of the barn until project is complete per barn.
  • Per equestrian center management, the horses will be relocated for the duration of the work being performed in each barn.
  • Per equestrian center management, all horses will need to be relocated by the owner or through other arrangements. Neither OC Fair & Event Center nor West Coast will be responsible for relocating horses.
  • Per equestrian center management, stalls will be provided through sign-ups in the equestrian center office.
  • Boarders and tack room owners, or their representatives, need to make sure that the tack rooms are unlocked each day.
  • Boarders and tack room owners need to make sure all desks, tables, tack, dogs, cats, etc. are protected (covered where appropriate) or removed from potential damage. If it could break, please relocate and protect it.
  • Clear all shelves of material that may be knocked over or has a risk of falling.Please remove and protect these items.
Fire alarm testing
  • Program/pretest will begin Monday, June 17, and continue through Wednesday, June 20
  • Final inspection will be Tuesday, June 25

OC Fair & Event Center staff work schedule (no changes)
Start: Monday, April 8, 7 a.m.
Scheduled completion: Friday, April 19

Work to be performed:
  • OCFEC staff will be installing the underground conduit from Gate 9.5 to the electrical room
  • Staff will trench in the roadway along the Arlington Road chain-link fence line (close to the barns) to install utility boxes, install conduit and backfill the trench.
  • This area will be fenced off to keep all patrons and animals safe from the job site.
  • Boring from Gate 9 to electrical room is scheduled to take seven days. Work will include demolition, removal of concrete square at office, digging three holes, boring underground and installing concrete.
  • Potential disturbances include noise, equipment and cleanup.
Areas that will be impacted and need to be closed to access:
  • Arlington dirt road – seven days
  • Vaulting training area – seven days
  • N/S to E/W barns in two locations (TBD) – two days

If you have any questions and concerns please email OCFEC's Director of Facilities Jerry Eldridge at
Advisory: Gate 9 temporarily out of order
The automatic gate at Gate 9 is temporarily out of order. The EQC operator is working with the contractor to repair the motor. Currently the repair is on hold pending a needed part but is expected to be addressed within the next few days. Until then, the gate can be manually opened by the EQC management staff. Please make arrangements through the office.
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