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Every Oregonian deserves access to quality healthcare and life-sustaining supports without discrimination.

The discrimination and bias the developmental disability community experiences in the healthcare system has been even more evident throughout this pandemic.

Last year, advocates across Oregon answered the call to action by signing a petition to prohibit discrimination in healthcare—thank you!

Now, we need your help to pass SB 567, legislation to ban health care discrimination in Oregon. SB 567 had a public hearing today and you have until tomorrow until noon to submit testimony.

SB 567 makes it unlawful for a provider or any person acting on behalf of a provider to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, and disability by:
  • denying medical treatment that is likely to benefit the person based on an individualized assessment of the patient using objective medical evidence; or
  • limiting or restricting in any manner the allocation of medical resources to the patient.

People with disabilities, older adults, and people of color can’t wait—we need to end discrimination in health care now!
(Deadline for Written Testimony: MARCH 4 at Noon)
Your Support and Your Stories Make a Difference!

Start with a compelling subject line, something like:
"Why Supporting SB 567 is Important to Me"

Begin the email with a greeting to Chair Patterson, Vice-Chair Knopp, and Members of the Senate Healthcare Committee

Write two to three sentences about why you believe ending discrimination in the health care system is important. NOTE: Your email will be posted online and will become part of the permanent public record, so please avoid providing private health information in this email.

Finish with a statement asking the Senate Healthcare Committee to support SB 567 to help end health care discrimination.

Express appreciation.

Sign your name.
Note the city you live in.

EMAIL support for SB 567 to 
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