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 Advocacy Action Alert:
Midwives Bill Up for Possible Senate Vote TODAY
As you may know, House Bill 4598 would allow direct-entry midwives--sometimes referred to as certified professional midwives (CPMs)--who lack formal medical training to be licensed. The sponsors of this bill believe the CPMs can provide home birth services and do not need additional training or supervision. There have been several amendments to the original bill; view the latest version of the bill here.

MAFP is opposed to HB 4598, as the current version of the bill does not provide any restrictions for treating high-risk patients, does not require a collaborative agreement with a physician, fails to establish any protocols for transferring a patient to a hospital and, overall, does not include enough safety provisions or education requirements for CPMs.

It is possible the bill will be considered in the Senate TODAY for a vote. Sen. Meekhof is the Senate Majority Leader and Sen. Kowall is the Senate Majority Floor Leader. Sen. Meekhof has the ultimate say in what issues will be taken up on the floor. Sen. Kowall also has significant influence on that decision.

Please call Senator Meekhoff and Senator Kowall today to voice your opposition.

·       Senator Meekhoff: (517) 373-6920 or Toll Free: (866) 305-2130

·       Senator Kowall: (517) 373-1758 or Toll Free: (866) 301-6515

SUGGESTED MESSAGE: "Please vote NO on HB 4598.  The bill does not provide enough protections to ensure safe delivery for both the mother and child. Not including home births that get transferred to a hospital setting because of complications, the death rate for infants in a home setting is FOUR TIMES HIGHER than those in a hospital setting (1.). The bill needs more discussion to fully vet unintended consequences.  We have to ensure the lives of newborns and mothers are not unknowingly put at risk during a high risk pregnancy and delivery."   

If you have additional questions, please contact MAFP Director of Government Affairs Christin Nohner at 517.664.9082 or

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