We need your help!

Good afternoon NAMI Southwest Ohio community members!

As many of you have heard, the Governor's Executive Budget Proposal for state fiscal years 2020-2021 has been released. NAMI Ohio is elated at the level of support the Governor is committing in this budget proposal. It is unprecedented.

However, to make the proposals listed below into law...

We need your help!!!

Please rally your grassroots advocates!!!
Contact your advocates today through Friday (by phone, email, etc.) to convince their state representatives to support his proposals in the state budget.
Give them the following directions!
  • Step 1: Identify your State Representative
  • Step 2: Read the talking points (below) and add in your personal details to the talking points.
  • Step 3: Call, email and send a letter to your State Representative, using your customized talking points (included below)
  • Step 4: Call and/or email as many people you know as possible who will want to help including:
    • Friends, family members, friends who are clergy, law enforcement, mental health professionals, children's services professionals, etc.
As a ( family member, person with a mental illness )...
  1. I truly appreciate the level of support Governor DeWine has provide to families and people impacted by mental Illness.
          In three to four sentences or less, tell them how you or your
          family has been impacted by mental illness. 
  2. His proposal to expand mental health prevention and treatment services to children and adults in this budget is desperately needed in Ohio.
  3. The mental health support that he is providing to local communities in his budget proposal will help save millions of tax payer dollars and untold amounts of pain and suffering by people with mental illness.
  4. If you and your colleagues support these proposals so they are made into a reality, the mental health system will finally have an enhanced ability to respond to mental health crises for children and adults, and to provide sub -acute care, housing supports, prevention, and community education to every Ohioan no matter who they are or where they live.
  5. I thank Governor DeWine for his leadership in mental health in this budget proposal.
  6. I urge you to support the executive budget proposals for mental health services in Ohio

Please email Dustin McKee of NAMI Ohio after you contact your legislators to help NAMI Ohio keep informed about our grassroots outreach efforts!

The executive budget supports mental health recovery in Ohio by:
  • Increasing treatment capacity in Ohio through an investment of more than $56 million to respond to local needs.
  • Investing $20 million to provide Ohio's schools with free, evidence-based prevention curricula and professional development for school personnel.
  • Investing an additional $5 million to create at least 30 more specialized courts during the biennium.
Governor DeWine is also helping children by:
  • Increasing the state's child protective allocation by $30 million per year for a total of $90 million annually.
  • Investing new, targeted funding to support student wellness and success in schools.
  • Investing $22 million to make more of Ohio's homes lead-safe for children and families.
  • Investing an additional $50 million in evidence-based home visiting programs to give children the best possible start in life.
  • Nearly doubling the state's investment in children services agencies.

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