Advocacy Alert
LMM Speaks Out Against the Events at the U.S. Capitol
It is impossible to ignore the disturbing events that took place in our nation’s capital on January 6, 2021 and the distressing conversations taking place in the media and in some households all across our country. 
Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry is appalled and pained by these events. The behavior of the individuals who stormed the U.S. Capitol - and the lawmakers who enabled these actions – is unacceptable and in direct opposition to the principles of our nation.  
LMM condemns these behaviors in the fullest. We support the right of all citizens to peaceably assemble and protest but are troubled by the contrast between incitement and toleration in this instance and the security response called forth during the protests against police brutality towards communities of color throughout 2020. 
While Wednesday was filled with darkness, there was also some light. We are grateful for our Ohio delegation of elected officials, Republicans and Democrats, who remained in the Capitol late into the night as Congress certified the election results. We appreciate your commitment to the U.S. Constitution and our democracy.
We are facing an unprecedented time of divisiveness, and blatant hate, anger, despair and distrust in the United States. What should our response be in such a time as this? If our country is filled with hate, we must choose love. If our state is filled with anger, we must choose compassion. If our cities are filled with despair, we must choose hope. If our community is filled with distrust, we must choose to believe. Be encouraged to seek justice, show mercy and serve with humility. We must show the world that our nation can and will move forward even during this time of civic crisis.

Nicole Braden Lewis, LMM Board President

Andrew D. Genszler, LMM President & CEO