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Carrie L. Williams
Advocacy America Commits To Stimulus
Recovery Initiative Five Year Plan With
Brasstown Bald "360 Degree Vision"
Credit: Explore GA/Tom Stone, Flckr
Brasstown Bald or Mount "Etonah" (360 degree vision),
the highest point in the state of Georgia
At a time when experts are predicting it could be a matter of years before the United States recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, Advocacy America is committing to a five-year plan for the Stimulus Recovery Initiative , starting from the state of Georgia.

The “meat” of that initiative is contained within its Stakeholder Engagement Strategy . It’s the kind of strategy that mirrors the work Advocacy America has already been doing, asserts Advocacy America’s President Carrie L. Williams. Ms. Williams released the following public statement:

“We are humbled by the opportunity to introduce the Stimulus Recovery Initiative to Georgians and to the nation with its Stakeholder Engagement Strategy and five-year plan out to 2025. For nearly two decades, we've been in the trenches working with leaders and their communities to impact their access to public policy. Building upon this work, Advocacy America is committed to creating a tipping point for reliable and sustainable community engagement in the United States, and in the world. 

"This Stimulus Recovery Initiative has the capacity to accomplish just that.  

“Without the public policy advocacy this initiative has the potential to generate, many stakeholders will continue to be at a disadvantage in receiving critical information and data -- and will be further challenged to have their specific data included in the current decision-making process of governance. For this reason alone, the Stimulus Recovery Initiative is of critical importance for Georgians, the Southeast region, and our nation as a whole.

“Additionally, the Stimulus Recovery Initiative has all of the elements necessary for establishing a framework for reliable, authentic, and sustainable stakeholder engagement. Particularly, we intend to ensure the Initiative is fully supported by the independent media capability Advocacy America has through its media division of S.E. Region News.

“Most importantly, we see t he United States 2020 election cycle as one of the most crucial times of this new decade to communicate and engage citizens around the country on the issues that matter most to them. That opportunity is exponentially more crucial as we must now consider, as a nation, how to begin a recovery process from the devastation of the pandemic and stimulus efforts. 

“We’re thanking Public Policy Leader Al Bartell -- one of our lead public policy partners -- in advance for his willingness to amplify these kinds of critical communications during the 2020 election cycle. These communications are nonpartisan, and bring vital support to neighborhood leaders, community leaders, faith leaders, and small business leaders. These leaders are the public grassroots leadership of our nation. It is our intention to ensure these front line leaders get the resources they need, to have access to the decision-making process of government to the same degree as lobbyists, special interest groups, and corporations.

"We have far too often left the 'public' out of 'public policy' in the governmental affairs/public relations approach to governance. For the next five years, Advocacy America is committed to putting on display the value and imperative of having public policy be connected to the everyday citizen and the corresponding, courageous stakeholder leadership that exists for every neighborhood, community, and locale of our nation.
“A week ago, as our team at Advocacy America began considering how we wanted to communicate about this Initiative, we came across an inspiring visual: northwest Georgia’s Brasstown Bald -- the highest elevation point in the state of Georgia. On top Brasstown Bald, or Mount “Etonah” (its Cherokee name), one can see 360 degrees with unlimited vision -- sometimes as far as downtown Atlanta, one hundred miles away. 
“Brasstown Bald is now our image of inspiration for the Stimulus Recovery Initiative. That’s the kind of inspiration Advocacy America wants to evoke for those who participate with the Stimulus Recovery Initiative. We’re sharing it now in the hope that others who see it will also be inspired.

"It is our sincere intention at Advocacy America that we will develop as far-reaching a vision as the 360 degree vision on Brasstown Bald for our work on the Stimulus Recovery Initiative.”

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