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Advocacy event spotlight   

It's time to stop reinventing the advocacy wheel. Rather than plan an event from scratch, learn from the leaders that have planned successful advocacy events at other chapters.

Colorado Advocacy Academy

Last November, Colorado ASDA successfully hosted its first Advocacy Academy: a series of lunch and learns to help dental students understand the importance of advocacy in dentistry. The event focused on key topics including new licensure updates, mid-level providers and private practice, and raffled off prizes including a trip to National Lobby Day in Washington D.C.

Organizing an Advocacy Academy from the ground up can be very intimidating. Colorado ASDA relied on the Advocacy How-To Guide when planning for the event. Additionally, their success would not have been possible without ASDA's newest mascot, the Advocacy Molar Bear, and the digital toolkit provided by national ASDA.

In collaboration with national ASDA's advocacy campaign, the chapter developed an original social media campaign and DIY Molar Bear video to promote their lunch and learns, bring awareness to current legislative issues and improve interaction with dental students.

Have additional questions about this event? Contact the Council on Advocacy.
Attend ASDA's Advocacy 101 webinar tonight  

There's still time to register for the webinar on September 13 at 7:30 p.m. CDT. The Council on Advocacy will help you learn more about ASDA's key legislative issues and the simple steps you can take to advocate on behalf of current and future dental students. 
ASDA and others thank Congress for supporting dental faculty loan repayment program 

ASDA and three other organizations signed on to a letter thanking Congresswoman Clarke and Congressmen Simpson and Gosar for introducing H.R. 6149. The bill would exclude certain federal loan repayments made to dental faculty from being included as gross income. This legislation will help recruit and retain qualified dental faculty.

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Election Day 2018 

With 54 days left to the election, ASDA would like to help you prepare for November.

How do I register to vote?

For information on how to register to vote along with basic voting information specific to your state, visit our 2018 Midterm Elections Map on Engage.

Who am I voting for?

2018 is a midterm election. As the word suggests, it is an election that is held halfway through the president's term. Voters have the opportunity to elect all new representatives in the House, as they all serve two-year terms. Senators serve six-year terms. Elections are staggered so that one-third of the Senate is up for reelection this year.

Who are the dentists running for Congress?

There are five dentists running for Congress this year. Click the infographic for more information.
Senate passes spending bill that increases NIH funding

What's the issue?

On August 23, in a vote of 85-7, the Senate passed an $854 billion spending bill. The legislation boosts military pay by 2.6 percent and increases funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) by five percent. Passage of the bill is an important victory for the Senate as they have not been able to pass a Department of Labor, Education and HHS spending bill outside of an omnibus bill since 2007.

The bill now moves to the House of Representatives for a vote.

Why is this important?

ASDA continues to encourage Congress to fund NIH and the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) at the highest level.

Next Step:

Learn more about the spending bill.

U.S. government commissions new report oN oral health  

What's the issue?

On August 1, the U.S. government announced that it commissioned a new surgeon general's report on oral health. The first report was published in 2000. The landmark document highlighted the disparities and inequities in access to dental care. Many viewed the 2000 report as the catalyst to changes in dental care delivery. The new report will help define the major issues affecting oral health for the future. A release date has yet to be announced.

Why is this important?

As listed in ASDA's H-2 policy, the association supports evidence-based measures that are efficacious and sustainable in reducing barriers to care in underserved communities. The report will help guide future strategies to provide care to communities in need.

Next Steps:

Read the announcement.

Read the 2000 report.
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