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Wednesday, September 15, 2021
Advocacy Update
Dana Point Boaters,
To further underscore the unwarranted and unjust slip rate increase in Dana Point Harbor, we sent a letter to Supervisor Bartlett addressing Long Beach Marinas announcement of a 2% slip rate increase effective October 1st. For a copy of the letter (click here). The monthly rent for a 30-foot slip at Alamitos Bay as of October 1st is $483.05. Meanwhile, that same slip at Dana Point, without any additional fee when there's an overhang, will be $738.00 per month. That's 53% higher than at another, large Southern California marina that is also publicly owned AND has already been revitalized!   The already completed marina renovation of Alamitos Bay is a perfect example of how marina revitalizations can be completed in a professional and cost-effective manner. 

When we have a response from Supervisor Bartlett, or any of our Orange County Executives, we will let you know.

To clear up any confusion, and as most boaters are aware, DPBA has retained a lawyer in the event there is no amicable resolution soon between the harbor stakeholders regarding the impending slip rate increase. DPBA has established a separate account for the legal donation fund (click here) with all money received being transferred to the attorney’s trust account. All donors’ names and contact information will be kept confidential, as well as the amount received. Thank you, Dana Point Boaters, and friends and family of Dana Point Boaters, for your very generous donations! Keep them coming.

The S.O.S. Group (a group of concerned boaters who have joined together to fight the increase) has also collected funds. Since only one attorney is needed to spearhead legal action, it is our understanding they will turn over the funds they collected to DPBA’s attorney’s trust account. The legal efforts on behalf of Dana Point Boaters will be unified as one concerted effort. Once legal action is filed, communication will come from the attorney’s office. DPBA will keep you updated with any information which isn’t confidential.
As always, we invite Dana Point Harbor Partners to open communication with the Dana Point Boaters Association.
Watch for our upcoming eNewsletters with more advocacy updates.
In the meantime, please continue to submit your comments over slip rate increases by Click Here.
Your Dana Point Boaters Association Directors, Advisors, and Advocacy Members Thanks You For Your Support!
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