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Monday, September 20, 2021
Advocacy Update
Dana Point Boaters,
First, and most importantly, thank you to all who have donated to our legal fund, especially an anonymous benefactor who gave a very large and generous amount to assist in our efforts. Your kindness did not go unnoticed, and your funds will be used wisely to advance our cause! For those of you who haven’t donated, please do so today by  (clicking here). This issue effects every boater. Solidarity in this cause is a benefit to all boaters. It is important for every boater in the harbor to make a donation to the legal fund. Please donate what you are financially able to do so to make this successful for the greater good.
We will advise boaters as our legal efforts unfold but, in the meantime, October 1 is looming. We encourage all boaters who plan on staying in the marina to pay the increased amount but please write a memo on your check, Paid in Protest. For those not on ACH, you have until October 5th to pay your slip fee without a late charge. If you are on ACH, we suggest you contact the marina office and advise them to take you off ACH, and then you can remit your payment via check.
Please review your slip license agreement for actions the marina office can take against you if you do not pay the increased amount.
Many of us know boaters who have already left the harbor or were forced to sell their boats because of this unwarranted increase. If you are a boater or know of a boater who has left Dana Point Harbor due to the slip rate increase, please let us know by voicing your comments by (click here). The galling fact is that when a slip is vacated, it will be sublet on a temporary basis because of the freeze of movement on the waitlists. The freeze allows the marina office to sublet slips at 150% of the monthly price, which is a more significant boost to their coffers. That 30’ slip we mentioned in our last eNewsletter, which was $483.05 in Long Beach, and $738.00 in Dana Point, now becomes $1107.00 in Dana PointLet that sink in! We can think of lots of verbs to describe this travesty, including flimflam, highway robbery, chicanery, hoodwink, finagle, duplicity, and the list goes on. Meanwhile, are the Dana Point Harbor Partners laughing all the way to the bank?
As always, we invite Dana Point Harbor Partners to open communication with the Dana Point Boaters Association.

Watch for our upcoming eNewsletters with more advocacy updates.
In the meantime, please continue to submit your comments over slip rate increases by Click Here.
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