Advocacy Update
We hope members were able to enjoy a wonderful holiday break and rang in the New Year with a fond farewell to 2020.
This year is off to a busy start! Within days of the new year, we witnessed a change in government with the resignation of Municipal Affairs Minister Allard. We look forward to working with interim Minister, Ric McIver.

Red Tape Reduction
While industry saw a significant number of positive legislative changes under Bill 48, work surrounding the next phases of Red Tape Reduction remains a priority. Some items of focus include:

  • Removing unnecessary Building Code requirements
  • Additional changes to the Off-Site Levies Regulation
  • Removal of Off-Site Levies and Inclusionary Housing from City Charters
  • Streamlining approvals Environmental and Transportation

BILD Alberta remains engaged with the Associate Ministry of Red Tape Reduction and specific Ministries to make these changes a reality.
Builders’ Lien Act & Prompt Payment
BILD Alberta and member representatives have been engaging Service Alberta on Prompt Payment and other changes to the Builders’ Lien Act. Advocacy is focussed on:

  • Lengthening the 28-day prompt pay period to avoid unnecessary administrative burdens on member companies.
  • Ensuring a proper prompt payment adjudication process that avoids frivolous claims.
  • Establishing a system of progressive release of lien fund holdbacks to free up cash flow.

A formal submission is in development and will be shared with members next month.
Privatization of Land Titles
Service Alberta is assessing privatization of land titles services and BILD Alberta is seeking member input. If you have specific feedback or recommendations on the privatization of land titles please contact Saheb Dullet. Regardless of the path the Government of Alberta chooses, BILD Alberta will begin advocating for further digitization and streamlining of the overall land titles process.
Condominium Insurance
A number of members have been raising concerns over the rising costs of insurance for condominium projects.  BILD Alberta is reaching out to other associations and CHBA National to better understand the issue and determine any advocacy options.
Safety Notice - Gas Fireplaces
Municipal Affairs issued an important notice regarding non-certified gas fireplaces manufactured by Canadian Fire Hearth Mfg. Inc. and Luxor Mfg. Inc

If you were impacted by this contact BILD Alberta.
Webinars & Recordings
BILD Alberta hosted a couple of webinars this month and thanks to those who registered. If you weren't able to attend, we have made recordings available via the links below. Please do not share the links outside your organization as they are provided as a benefit to membership.
Upcoming Webinar - February 9 at 1 pm
Development Bonds – Improve Liquidity & Free up Opportunity Cost

Marsh Canada will be talking about this alternative financing option. A Development Bond provides financial assurance to a municipality that a developer will successfully complete all obligations under a development agreement – providing the same quality of financial protection as a letter of credit (LOC).

Interested in presenting a session to members? Contact us.
Housing Data
The following table provides a snapshot of Alberta’s starts, inventory and sales. More information on the individual centres is available in the local reports.

Policy & Government Relations
As BILD Alberta continues to focus its advocacy efforts on matters that impact our industry, we are pleased to welcome Saheb Dullet, Policy and Government Relations Director, to the team to support our ongoing initiatives.

Prior to joining BILD Alberta, Saheb worked for various portfolios with the Government of Alberta including managing Red Tape Reduction initiatives for the Ministry of Advanced Education, supporting government decision-makers in regulation and legislation development and the policy planning cycle. Saheb holds a Master in Public Policy from U of C and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from UBC. Welcome Saheb to BILD Alberta!
Physical Demands Analysis
Employers Sign Up Requested
Alberta Construction Association has received funding from the Workers Compensation Board to coordinate the development of Physical Demands Analysis (PDAs) for trades occupations involved in construction.

PDA is a breakdown of every task performed for each position, the time spent on each task, and every fitness related hazard associated with that task. These assessments help employers assign the right resource to the right job and reduce the time needed to safely return an injured worker back to work. Employers will no longer have to incur the expense of developing a PDA when required by the WCB, by using the ACA PDA as an industry standard.

If your company falls into one of the following areas you can help contribute to this project by offering your jobsite and personnel:
  • Residential Roofer
  • Residential Carpenter/Framer
  • Residential Electrician
  • Residential Painter
  • Residential Glazier
  • Residential Labourers 

For more information or to get involved contact Andrew Gibson, Project Manager 780-405-9854.
BUILD Award - Beware
If you received an email that you have been nominated for a BUILD Award, this is not associated with BILD Alberta or any of the local associations in the province. Please exercise caution opening these types of emails. Here are some tips to take if you receive suspicious emails and where you can report malicious and scam emails.