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April 19, 2019
In this issue of your ILF Advocacy Update
  • Countdown until session end
  • Keeping Internet Connectivity and INSPIRE in the final budget
  • Quick Links
What YOU can do
  • Review the Bose Report or ILF Bill List (linked on page 3 of report)
  • Attend a session to Meet your Legislator -See calendar.
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Countdown until sine die;
library bills remaining in session

Days remain in the 2019 session of the Indiana General Assembly. While the deadline to adjourn is April 29, legislative leaders have indicated a goal to complete earlier next week. The bills in which ILF has remained actively involved and are still alive are described below with the last action status. You might review the entire bill list (linked on page 3 of the Bose Report ) to see the detail of bill actions throughout the session.
  • HB1001, the biennial state budget billincludes funding for Indiana State Library operations, statewide library services, as well as our ILF priorities of stable funding for INSPIRE, Indiana's virtual library, and internet connectivity, which helps libraries offer free internet to millions of Hoosiers each year. Last action: The Senate released its version, inclusive of INSPIRE and internet connectivity for schools and libraries. (Page 75). Conference committee was held 4/18 and recessed; final budget will be determined in the remaining days.
  • HB1214, Construction Managers as Constructorsadds public libraries to the list of public agencies in a definition. The remaining parts of the bill are not specific to libraries. Last action: House concurred with Senate amendments; bill was signed by the Speaker.
  • HB1343, Libraries, provides the elected fiscal body the option to have binding review over library budgets if three criteria are met related to more than 10% increases in budget or levy or accumulation of more than 150% unallocated funds over budget. It allows the Council to cut the budget or levy by no more than 10% and requires public notice. Last action: Conference committee was held 4/18 where the bill author proposed a Conference Committee report stripping Senate amendments. Conference committee recessed. Conferees and advisors are working on final language. ILF supports HB1343 as passed by the Senate, including protections such as notice provisions to appointing elected bodies, threshold criteria that could trigger optional review, and limitations on how much a Council could cut a library's budget and levy.
  • HB1427, Local Government Matters, makes several changes related to processes with Department of Local Government Finance, enables changes to the distribution of certified shares, requires an interim study of Local Income Tax and GIS mapping. Last action: Dissent was filed and House conferees and advisors were appointed; awaits Senate appointments and conference committee meeting.
  • Criminal history check bills died. ILF supports support bill language "A public library shall adopt a criminal history check policy for employees and volunteers," which may appear in a related bill.

Keeping INSPIRE and Internet Connectivity in the Final Budget

The revenue and Medicaid spending forecasts cast a shadow on the budget. Legislators to seek to cut $100 million from the most recent version of the budget, HB1001 , before they adjourn.

The current budget bill includes $1,382,250 each year for INSPIRE . If you or your students or patrons rely on Consumer Reports, TeachingBooks.Net, test-prep programs or the resources in Indiana's virtual library, be sure to ask your legislator to make sure this stable funding remains in the final bill.

The current budget bill includes $1,585,000 annually for internet connectivity for public libraries and $3,415,000 annually for school internet connectivity. Libraries are often the only place to access the internet for community residents and students.

Conferees include: Representatives Todd Huston and Greg Porter; Senators Ryan Mishler and Karen Tallian
Advisors include: Representatives Tim Brown, Bob Cherry, Jeff Thompson, Mike Karickhoff, Jack Jordan, Holli Sullivan, Sharon Negele, Chris Campbell, Ed DeLaney, Carey Hamilton, Earl Harris, Jr., Sheila Klinker, Cherrish Pryor and Melanie Wright. Senators Travis Holdman, David Niesgodski, Eric Bassler, Eddie Melton, Liz Brown, Jean Breaux, Randy Head and Ed Charbonneau.

WHAT YOU CAN DO : If your legislator is listed above, please reach out. THANK THE HOUSE AND SENATE for funding INSPIRE and Internet Connectivity in HB1001. Share the importance of keeping these line items in the budget. Find your legislators .
Last few Third House or Meet Your Legislator events
Legislators meet with constituents through "Meet your Legislator," "Third House" or "Cracker Barrel" events from December through May. Sessions are often hosted by a local library, Chamber of Commerce, Farm Bureau or League of Women Voters. See our calendar for upcoming Third House events in your area . Most planned in the coming weeks will be for "session wrap up."
Prepping to Meet Your Legislator
  1. Find your legislators where you live and where you work. Research their bio and committees. Or email us for insight and tips.
  2. Email us for specific information and let us know what you learn. Develop a relationship.
  3. Plan to develop or deepen your relationships with legislators and key influencers in the community. Introduce yourself. Offer to be a resource for them about any library questions. Invite them to see your library in action for graduation celebrations or summer reading events.
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