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June 27, 2019
In this issue of your ILF Advocacy Update
  • July Virtual Exchanges about HEA1343 and PL Budgets
  • Interim Study Topics in Indiana General Assembly
  • School Referendum Results from May primary
  • Quick Links
What YOU can do
  • Try one of these 11 suggested activities this summer to build our collective advocacy strength. See below.
What you missed in prior issues - Catch up here. Review library-specific legislation from the Indiana General Assembly in the 4/26 Update .
Members may RSVP for July Virtual Exchanges

Continuing the success of the virtual exchanges, ILF members (including trustees) may register for:

While most Virtual Exchanges are provided for members only,  ILF provides non-member access to the May  session on Property Taxes and Libraries with Tamara Ogle and Larry DeBoer, we have posted the updated handouts , video recording, supplemental slide and Q and A . Members may request access to the materials from the 6/3 session on Capital Improvement Plans. Institutional members may request access for trustees and other staff.
Indiana General Assembly
Legislative Council Assigns Study Committees for the Interim

The Legislative Council of the Indiana General Assembly made its assignments from the total recommended studies. The issue of Local Income Tax was not assigned for interim study as we expected. See the full list of assigned topics . Topics of likely interest to ILF members may include:
  • Education Committee will consider various career counseling issues and how property tax referenda impact schools and teacher pay.
  • Fiscal Policy will consider creation of regional development authorities for taxing, the complexity index for K-12, and a review of the workforce-related program reports.
  • Government will review statutes governing state and local public works projects.
  • Pension Management Oversight will consider requests for changes to pension and post-retirement benefits.
  • Public Health, Behavioral Health and Human services will consider access to care in rural areas and prescription drugs.
Caucus leaders have made assignments. We will share dates after meeting schedules are posted.
70% of School Referendums Passed

Seven of ten school referendum passed in the May 7 pr imary. The IN Department of Local Government Finance maintains the list of referendum descriptions as well as prior year results.

School Tax Levy -Most school tax levies will be in place for eight years and are specified for some combination of student safety initiatives, maintaining class sizes, mental health services, attracting and retaining teachers and operational support. Failed referendums are crossed out.
  • Duneland School Corporation, Porter County ($0.22 / $100 AV) for 7 years
  • Elkhart Community Schools, Elkhart County ($0.58 / $100 AV)
  • Franklin Community School Corporation, Johnson County ($0.23 / $100 AV)
  • Frontier School Corporation, White County ($0.21 / $100 AV)
  • MSD Decatur Township, Marion County ($0.289 / $100 AV)
  • MSD Wayne Township, Marion County ($0.35 / $100 AV)
  • Plymouth School Corporation, Marshall County ($0.19 / $100 AV)
  • River Forest Community School Corporation, Lake County ($1.19 / $100 AV)

Controlled Project Referendum
  • DeKalb County Central United School District, DeKalb County and Steuben County (to increase rate on debt service no more than $0.3391 / $100 AV) (Failed on DeKalb side; passed on Steuben side of district.)
  • Hanover Community School Corporation, Lake County ($0.5605 / $100 AV)

Referendums and other primary results can be identified on this interactive map . Voter rate was 13%; in other words, 340,784 voted of 2,650,156 registered voters in the jurisdictions in question.
What YOU can do this summer!

Whether you are in an academic, public, school or special library, there are activities you can do this summer that strengthen our collective advocacy. Remember that our policy advocacy success depends upon strong relationships and a basic understanding of the value of libraries.
Public Library Directors:
  • Conduct a relationship mapping exercise with your Board of Trustees, Foundation leaders or Friends group to identify your strongest connections to policy makers.
  • Invite key business and community leaders to your events.
  • Participate on ILF Virtual Exchanges.
Public Library Staff:
  • Document summer reading and programming activities with photos, statistics, patron quotes and short summaries. Email us.
  • Smile. Go the extra mile for the patron. Positive (and negative) experiences cause ripple effects.
  • Share a library "fun fact" with a stranger. For example, in a store checkout lane, point to the iTunes cards and share, "Did you know that you can check out and download music at the library?."
School Librarians:
  • Prepare to launch a school library advisory committee with community, business and parent leaders.
  • Good with social media? Make the school library the source of all information about the school and community events. See AISLE Camp session for examples.
  • Develop a school library newsletter that reminds faculty, administrators, parents and students. See examples from Avon HS and CPMS.
Academic Librarians:
  • Using fewer than 10 words, post a statement about the impact of your library on student academic success. Share this with at least three people outside the library field.
  • Prepare a one-pager of library resources and your availability to share with new and adjunct faculty in orientation meetings.
Other ideas are in the ILF Advocacy Guide .
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