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March 8, 2019
In this issue of your ILF Advocacy Update
  • Start of the second half of session
  • HB1343 is scheduled for 3/14 hearing
  • Quick Links
What YOU can do
What you missed in prior issues - Catch up here.
The second half of the session
This week, bills were assigned to committees in the second chamber. and start the same process of committee hearing, floor debate and vote.

ILF Members may see the detail about statehouse action, specific bills, vote counts and our ILF Bill Tracking list (p. 3) through the 3/8 Bose Report (login required).

See the update from 3/1 for status of library-related bills.
What YOU can do :
  1. Thank your State Representative for funding INSPIRE and Internet Connectivity in the state budget. Take action here. Thank our Representatives for funding our highest policy priorities.
  2. Learn more about library-related bills through the ILF Bill List (linked through the Bose Report) or by attending the Virtual Advocacy Update on March 11.
  3. Order your yard signs for National Library Month (see our last Focus newsletter for options).
  4. Always be respectful. Be a trusted resource for policymakers. Contacting your Legislators.
NOTE: We will have more information during our online/conference meeting on Monday, March 11. Library Directors are especially encouraged to attend.
House Bill 1343 is will be heard in
Senate Local Government 3/14
The Senate Local Government Committee will hear HB1343 on Thursday, March 14. To prepare for the hearing, we are first working with the public library directors and key leaders with senators who on the committee. If you plan to attend the hearing, please email Lucinda .

Public library budgeting is complex, and the potential impacts of HB1343 vary widely, with most harm where tax caps have been reached.See our explanation of House Bill 1343 . Download this infographic . See ILF's Contacting Legislators about Library-Related Bills (3/1/19 version).

ILF Position – ILF sincerely appreciates the amendments to HB1343 in response to our concerns. However, we continue to oppose HB1343 in its current form. Current law and rules provides processes for addressing local issues. HB1343 enables one elected body to subvert the authority of other elected bodies or across a jurisdictional boundary, allowing one appointing body to cut a budget and levy set by a library board comprised of appointees from multiple elected bodies. The bill lacks a notice provision for intent to pass a resolution. Current law provides for public input, review and reporting for library finances. We agree that taxpayer stewardship, accountability and transparency are paramount. We look forward to working with legislators on a solution for all communities

What YOU can do:
  • Senator meetings -  Library directors and Board members are reaching out to State Senators to explain concerns about how HB1343 might play out in their communities. See ILF's Contacting Legislators about Library-Related Bills (3/1/19 version).
  • Local Champions - Are you a champion of your local public library? Do you have a relationship with a legislator? Reach out to your library to see how you can help. Or contact your state senator.
  • Your Impact Story - The arguments about this bill are emotional. What is your library's impact in the community? Any discussion of HB1343 should be coupled with strong impact stories.
What YOU can do: Attend Advocacy Update on March 11
ILF offers bi-weekly Advocacy Virtual Updates during the legislative session. Learn the inside scoop from our Advocacy Committee co-chairs and staff. Share what you are hearing about issues in your local community. Ask questions. Learn more about the issues.

RSVP for the VIRTUAL Advocacy Update at 10am ET on March 11 to receive the link to join the online meeting by computer or telephone. Note that sessions are scheduled bi-weekly: 3/11, 3/25 and 4/8.
What YOU can do: Attend a Third House or Meet Your Legislator event
Legislators meet with constituents through "Meet your Legislator," "Third House" or "Cracker Barrel" events from December through May. Sessions are often hosted by a local library, chamber of commerce or League of Women Voters. See our calendar for upcoming Third House events in your area . Several are coming up in the next two weeks.

At right: a Third House session in Hamilton County
Prepping to Meet Your Legislator
  1. Find your legislators where you live and where you work. Research their bio and committees. Or email us for insight and tips.
  2. Download the 2019 Policy Priorities or one-pager. Review our Contacting your Legislator about Library Bills document. Email us for specific information and let us know what you learn. Develop a relationship.
  3. Plan to develop or deepen your relationships with legislators and key influencers in the community. Introduce yourself. Offer to be a resource for them about any library questions.
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