Volume 7 | October 11, 2017
We Make People and Companies Happier by Bringing Them Together
Growing into a leader can mean learning a skill that senior leadership often perform better than all others...they advocate on behalf of their organization and attract others to their purpose. Hire Learning Leadership develops these vital skills for your personal and business growth. Check it out here!

In this issue:
  • Joy created a B.S. detector
  • Tiffany connects and becomes immersed
  • Deron's quotable kids are funny - scout's honor!
  • Hey, Dave...what's it like outside?
Proust Pop Quiz
Joy Hart
Creative Director
Curious Joy

When and where were you happiest?
Until now, I was the happiest when I lived in Southern California (btw, the vitamin D effect is real!). I left Columbus in 1999 for an incredible family opportunity to move to Newport Beach, CA.

During my 5 years in So Cal, I worked at 2 global agencies and focused primarily on digital solutions for automotive clients (Mazda, Land Rover, Lincoln, Mercury, and Jaguar.)

I started out at USWeb/CKS,
which became marchFIRST,
which became Whittman Hart,
which became Divine Whittman Hart,
which became Divine.

5 business cards in 1.5 years sitting at the same desk, Folks. 

marchFIRST’s brand launch (  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2egRiYK9U9g ) met the ad world with rave reviews. Perhaps we should have seen the writing on the wall as the spending was a bit extreme: the LA office had a Porsche Boxster in rotation for the Employee of the Month as the fall from grace was pretty swift. 

For me, it was the epitome of,  ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.’  My employment at marchFIRST was during the height of the dot com boom. Despite the insanity of the pace, the daily rule-changing and creating was invigorating. We all felt part of something BIG and a majority of the digital delivery innovation was happening right in my Cali backyard. It was a time when minds (agency + client alike) were wide open to the most obtuse solution and loved figuring out how the technology could support the idea. Change was the new normal and I loved that mindset. I couldn’t believe my good fortune in timing to be a part of this community. That was, until the whole enterprise collapsed. [Sound effect: sad trombone]

So, in the spirit of  when one door closes another opens , the rest of my So Cal tenure was with Wunderman. I became the Associate Creative Director on Land Rover direct + digital. The term “direct marketing” initially carried a stigma: boring BRC cards, post-it note magazine blow-ins, and the everyday junk mail. Soon after starting at Wunderman, I quickly learned I was surrounded by specialists in a much more sophisticated brand experience that luxury automotive brands and their consumers demanded. The creative, the strategy, and business case/analytics were the foundation of some of my strongest and most measurable work. What I loved most about Wunderman is we were in the fold of the Y&R Companies, an operational prototype WPP launched to bring several agencies under one roof with shared clients. Within our building was Y&R (advertising), Landor (branding), Wunderman (direct + digital), Mediaedge:cia (media), and Burson·Marsteller (PR). The office was a fairly open and collaborative space so teams were able to meet and discuss the client’s business holistically, and then move our respective projects forward with that deeper understanding.  

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
An obvious answer, but hands down: being a successful working Mother. I love what I do and I love that I get to share it with my son effortlessly. Advertising/design/marketing is universal and knows no age boundaries (within reason). Kids understand branding and marketing at sophisticated levels these days. To be blunt, my son’s bullshit meter is pretty accurate. So to share my passion, my creations and my failures has provided an added bond I hadn’t anticipated. The creative process is ripe with victory and defeat. I love the fact my son sees that failure isn’t the worst thing that can happen as he witnesses what happens when a favorite concept didn’t get selected, when the launch didn’t go flawlessly, or when the client changed their mind AGAIN… I brush myself off, I ask questions, I try to learn, and I aim to do better next time. Teaching him that flexibility and self-deprecating humor can be invaluable tools in the most daunting of times has been additional life lessons. :)

What is your current state of mind?
This is the easiest of them all to answer: GRATEFUL. I am so grateful for all of my experiences, good and the less stellar. I am grateful for this vocation and industry as it still fuels me - learning never gets tiresome. 

In work, as in life, I strive for the following: 
- Lead by example 
- Remember the devil is in the details 
- Applaud others' pursuit of happiness 
- Surround myself with those who will challenge me, not pacify me 
- Embrace chaos 
(all the while listening to great music) 

When these things align, I feel like the luckiest gal around. And I’m happy to say, it happens more often than not. 
Friends in the Biz
I love to hear about all of the good things going on with the unique people who are a part of my life. New roles, great ideas, accomplishments and whatever else that gives me a kick are celebrated and shared here. 

Tiffany Sperring is the Director of Career Services at CCAD. She manages recruiting partnerships and provides career counseling to alumni. She coordinates the Recruiting on Campus or "ROC Series.," which provides employers the opportunity to arrange campus visits that include information sessions, interactive workshops, class visits, and portfolio reviews. She also launched the related program "ROC on the Road" to take students off campus for company site visits, networking and interviews. The big recruiting event of the year, the Connections Career Fair is on November 3. Employers may register here by this Friday for inclusion in the event directory. Career Services will also host CCAD's Art Fair & Marketplace on December 2. But, wait...there's more!

In addition to her work at CCAD, Tiffany is a licensed counselor who is taking steps to open a private practice specializing in grief work. She is exploring certifications in both art and nature & Forest therapy to identify treatment methods for individuals in bereavement. Over time, she hopes to open a retreat center to provide a healing space for grieving families. Tiffany has begun writing a book on her story of choosing joy and cultivating wonder in the years after unexpected loss.

Tiffany also enjoys freelance writing which began with wellness articles and transitioned into an unexpected niche in interviewing. Who knew that a counselor would enjoy connecting with people and becoming immersed in their adventures! You can find a recent write up in Tall Guides Magazine about Kiko Matthews who has set a goal to break the female world record to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean. If you need assistance showing a story on your website or another platform, you can reach Tiffany at tiffanysperring@gmail.com with inquiries. (Photo of Tiffany by Megan Leigh Barnard .)

Deron Husak is the founder of Major Interactive which gives him the ability to work directly with his own clients, consult for larger agencies, and partner with smaller shops. Most of his projects focus on digital design (UI and UX) and branding, but he finds that print continues to keep him busy, too. From retail to pharma to tech startups, he likes that there’s always something new to learn. Recent clients include: Abercrombie & Fitch, Bath & Body Works, Masonite, Party City and Sbarro. Deron gives back to the creative community with his support of CSCA (he's past Co-President), AAF Columbus and more.

His two young sons are now Cub Scouts, and have provided a wealth of humorous quote - which he would like to document in a book someday. Be sure to follow Deron on Twitter [ www.twitter.com/majorinteract ] and Instagram [ www.instagram.com/deronhusak/ ]. 

Dave Sliwinski has his birthday on the greatest day of the year...my birthday. Dave has spent his career helping people learn with and about technology. He says there are developers who can code way better than him, and he couldn't sell water in the desert, but he excels in that no man's land in between...he's a quick study on the intricacies of new industries and differing business problems. Plus, he says, he's able to translate these into the technical requirements for building a solution. So, in the end, he's in a position to add value for business professionals and technical experts.

Dave is the Director of Implementation Services at Intellum , where he believes the cool thing about his role is that he gets to work with leaders at the top consumer technology companies in the world (Google, Facebook, Indeed, Snapchat and way more!) and he helps them build and deliver learning solutions for their employees and business partners.

Dave and I have worked together on Hire Learning Leadership which has been the most creative piece of work that I've ever worked on. Dave was telling me that he thinks the cool thing about the project that we've developed is that we've been able to take an idea that will help any business person grow professionally and perform better, and communicate it in an innovative way that makes learning interesting and engaging. Coming from Dave, that means a lot.

Little known fact about Dave...before he started his 20+ year career in learning technology, he was a Meteorologist at the National Hurricane Center and published research on atmospheric science and climate change ( American Meteorological Society , NASA Technical Reports ).
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