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Industry Approach to Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Housing
BILD Alberta staff presented a draft of an Industry Approach to Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Housing to the Board of Directors this month for preliminary feedback. The project highlights various Federal, Provincial and Municipal Climate Plans and the importance of developing proactive, cost-effective solutions in reducing greenhouse gas emissions on new construction and existing homes. Broad recommendations include:

  • Work with all levels of government to establish a coordinated approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in housing in Alberta.
  • Develop an Alberta-based approach to evaluating tiered energy codes on new construction projects prior to adoption.
  • Work with government, utilities, and stakeholders to design programs and incentives to help retrofit the existing housing stock.

Staff are incorporating feedback from local committees and members into an Action Plan to share with industry stakeholders and government officials later this summer.

Environmental Approvals
BILD Alberta staff recently engaged with Alberta Environment & Parks on their Regulatory Transformation Project which will automate approval of environmental applications and address backlogs. Historically environmental approvals varied from 12-24 months but under the new framework it is expected up to 80% of applications will be approved upon submission, for more information click here.

Transportation Approvals
Alberta Transportation is proposing a number of exemptions to permits (for land use, subdivisions, developments, and access to provincial highway) by developing Highway Vicinity Management Agreements (HVMA) with municipalities. These agreements will significantly reduce the number of permits and referrals required, and in turn, reduce the burden facing developers and builders. A pilot project is expected to commence this summer with further details available this fall.

Rising Lumber and Material Costs
Members are readily aware of rising material costs and reduced supplies which are having significant impacts on housing costs and construction timelines. The attached document is intended to provide information BILD Alberta has gathered to date through discussions with members, local associations, CHBA National and industry partners.
If you would like more information on any of the above, please reach out to Saheb Dullet.
BILD Alberta Awards - ENTER TODAY
Are you ready to enter? The BILD Alberta Awards website is now open for you to start uploading your submissions. The deadline is less than a month away!

You don't have to be a finalist in your local awards to enter. These awards are open to all BILD Alberta members to enter. The awards honour members for their innovative designs, community developments, eye-catching renovations and service to the communities they work in. For all of this year's criteria and submission requirements visit the BILD Alberta Awards website.

If you have questions? Contact us.
Virtual Spring Conference - THANK YOU
Thank you to those who were able to join us for BILD Alberta's Virtual Spring Conference sponsored by Stantec.

If you weren't able to participate, members can click on one of the links below to view the session at their leisure.

These recordings are a benefit of membership and we ask that you not share outside your organization.

Congratulations to the following attendees who were automatically entered simply for attending and won a great prize sponsored by Fortis Alberta:
  • Dustin Berube, Avillia Developments
  • Dave Boles, Genstar
  • Barry Nephin, Aquilla Homes
  • Dennis Peck, City of Leduc
  • Tara Steell, Dream Development
  • Wade Zwicker, Cameron Corporation

Thank you to the Spring Conference committee for helping with this year's event: Steve Bontje, Marissa Koop, Brenden Montgomery, Scott Pravitz, Patrick Shaver and Dylan Smith.

Special thank you to this year's sponsors:
Housing Data
The following table provides a snapshot of Alberta’s starts, inventory and sales. More information on the individual centres is available in the local reports.

Heads up on Code Changes
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