Advocacy At A Glance
Builders’ Lien Act & Prompt Payment
Over the past month, BILD Alberta members and staff have been heavily engaged with Minister Nate Glubish and Service Alberta staff on Prompt Payment regulations and the 28-day Prompt Pay period. Specifically, working towards a solution that provides adequate protection to trades and suppliers while avoiding increased administrative burdens on owner companies. This could be accomplished by setting a Prompt Pay period of at least 35 days or allowing contracts to specify monthly dates that invoices can be received. Throughout this process, BILD Alberta has been advocating for a balanced approach and remains hopeful that the Government of Alberta will accept our recommendations.
Renovation Tax Credit
BILD Alberta is developing a submission for a renovation tax credit that will be brought forward to the Government of Alberta in the coming months. Recent media shows that the submission will need to highlight the economic benefits the tax credit would bring. BILD Alberta will be working with renovator members to develop statistics and other information required for the submission.
Red Tape Reduction
While industry saw a significant number of positive legislative changes under Bill 48, work surrounding the next phases of Red Tape Reduction remains a priority. Some advocacy items of focus include:
  • Removing unnecessary Building Code requirements
  • Additional changes to the Off-Site Levies Regulation
  • Removal of Off-Site Levies and Inclusionary Housing from City Charters
  • Streamlining Environmental and Transportation approvals
BILD Alberta remains engaged with the Associate Ministry of Red Tape Reduction and specific Ministries to bring these recommendations to fruition.
Off-Site Levies
BILD Alberta remains engaged with Municipal Affairs regarding further modifications to the Off-Site Levies Regulation surrounding:
  • Inclusion of revenues associated with utilities, property taxes and other areas where a municipality generates revenue from a developer’s infrastructure.
  • Further clarity of the degree of benefit methodology for fire halls, rec centres, police stations and libraries.
  • Preventing gold-plated facilities.
  • Requirements for periodic external audits.
This spring, Municipal Affairs will be undertaking minor administrative amendments to the regulation and will consider BILD Alberta’s requests this fall.

Rising Condo Insurance Rates
Member companies have raised increasing concerns about the rising rates of insurance for condominiums that are limiting the viability of new and existing projects. BILD Alberta has prepared an overview of the issue and is developing an advocacy plan to begin engaging government and stakeholders.
If you would like more information on any of the above, please reach out to Saheb Dullet.
Soft Lumber Update
CHBA National hosted a webinar on January 28 with representatives across the lumber industry to help members get a better sense of the challenges that have caused the lumber issue and a look ahead at what to expect as 2021 unfolds.

CHBA National has been advocating for the following:
  • Support for the lumber supply chain to maximize supply output and delivery (including through essential service designations, the wage subsidy, back to work incentives and training).
  • Avoidance and timely resolution to trade disputes.
  • Work with domestic lumber producers to ramp up production by working with other levels of government to ensure more responsive and certain access to raw material.
  • Collaborate with FPAC, the Western Lumber Retailers Association and others on key issues of securing certainty of sustainable, domestic supply of fibre and addressing persistent transportation issues.
  • Help offset escalating construction costs for housing to sustain activity and affordability through other measures.

For all the information log in to CHBA National website > Members Area> Key Industry Issues.
Webinars & Recordings
Earlier this month, BILD Alberta hosted a webinar on Development Bonds – Improve Liquidity & Free up Opportunity Cost. If you weren't able to attend, we have made recordings available via the links above. Please do not share the links outside your organization as they are provided as a benefit to membership.

Interested in presenting a session to members? Contact us.
Housing Data
The following table provides a snapshot of Alberta’s starts, inventory and sales. More information on the individual centres is available in the local reports.

Canada Alberta Job Grants
The Alberta government is temporarily expanding eligibility to the Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) to help businesses access the training they need. The expansion is effective until February 28, 2022. Expanded eligibility includes:
  1. Funding mandatory training. Use the CAJG to fund courses or training that is required for a job.
  2. Allowing employers to train employed family members. Enables family-owned businesses to access training funds.
  3. Allowing some business owners to receive funding to train themselves. Supports entrepreneurs to expand their skill set to grow or pivot their business.

Learn more about the program and apply online at
Continuing Education
SAIT Continuing Education with support from Alberta Innovates, is now offering the High Performance Residential Design and Construction program. Through these courses, you will:
  • Increase your understanding of how to design and build high-performance homes.
  • Provide you with knowledge and skills to design and/or build homes that perform better than current building code energy requirements.
Sharing Resources
The Western Wood Manufacturers Association has made a video on wood truss installation and bracing recommendations available to our members. There you can also find the Truss Anchoring Guide co-created with BILD Alberta.