Campaign "Refugees Without Status"

Venezuelans and Immigrants Aid (VIA) launched its campaign "Refugiados Sin Estatus" in Spanish on June 27, 2021.

Through this campaign, we want to send a message on behalf of the millions of Venezuelans who have been forced to leave their homes in search of international protection. Despite the magnitude of this human mobility crisis, considered the second-largest in the world after Syria, Venezuelan forced migrants are not recognized as refugees but considered "displaced" and, in some countries, "economic migrants."

Through our new campaign, "Refugees Without Status," we advocate for recognizing the positive impact and contributions that refugees and migrants make to host countries when given the opportunity, and it is only through solid legal immigration status that proper integration can be achieved. The temporary protection provided by nations such as Colombia and the United States is undoubtedly an advance, and we, as Venezuelans, are grateful for it; however, the recognition of refugee status would take into account all Venezuelans who have had to forcibly leave the country in recent years rather than a small group, such as that made up of asylum seekers (not all have an asylum case to make) or by applicants for temporary protection (which also contains very specific requirements to qualify). This recognition would be the essential step towards the vindication of the human rights of the immigrants, the regularization of their migratory status, and their proper integration into the economy and their host societies.

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