Dear Family and Friends of The Harford Center,

We miss you and hope you're doing well!

Like everything else this month, our newsletter looks a little different. But, as we know, different is OK, too!

We've put together some resources for you to help you through the quarantine and keep you occupied and entertained at home. Read ahead to find free online fitness classes, entertainment and education resources, the latest updates on COVID-19, where to get the help you need, how you can help others at this time, and more.

While The Harford Center building is closed, our staff continue to find creative ways to support people with disabilities in our community. In residential houses, online, and by phone, we are striving to provide as much continuity and comfort to our participants as possible. We are so grateful to our Direct Support Professionals for their flexibility, creativity, and dedication. For the most up-to date information about our programs, please visit and follow us on facebook @HarfordCenter to see what we're up to every day.
Health Insurance
If you have recently lost your health insurance and would like help navigating the Maryland Health Exchange, please contact Lana Zinnie at Seedco: . Seedco can also help with employment and financial coaching.
Eating Right and Exercising
One of the best things you can do for yourself and your loved ones right now is to take care of your physical health by eating nutritious food and staying active.
Harford County has a number of farms that are selling directly to consumers during social distancing. Many are allowing online orders. Click below for a complete list:

A number of local and national gyms are offering free online fitness courses to help you stay fit while you stay home. Planet fitness is offering free daily workouts on its facebook page to members and non-members alike.
The YMCA is also offering a large variety of classes on demand.
If yoga is your thing, Core Power Yoga is allowing non-members free access to a limited number of their classes. While it's not their entire collection, it's plenty to keep you going and flowing.
Camp Gladiator is offering free home based workouts three times a week on its facebook page.
Orange Theory posts a free high intensity interval training workout every day.
If cardio and toning are more your speed, 305 Fitness is posting two free workout videos a day.
Mental Health and Addiction
These are challenging times, especially if you struggle with mental health and addiction issues. See the CDC's information about managing stress and anxiety here. Read Harford County's guide to mental health and recovery during the pandemic here . If you are having a crisis, please contact the Klein Family Harford Crisis Center.

Social distancing can be especially difficult if you rely on support and fellowship to help you battle addiction. If you need a meeting:

Maryland residents who are concerned about incarcerated loved ones during the pandemic can call 410-769-6419 with questions.

National suicide prevention hotline:

You are not alone!
Please reach out to someone
if you are struggling.
Local Online Religious Services
Take Some Time To Feed Your Mind
The Harford County Public Library has an amazing array of resources available. They're offering free access to e-books, movies, games, educational materials for kids,, and many more things to occupy both children and adults. If you don't have a library card, you can get one online. Additionally, as long as you practice safe social distancing, you can still access free wifi from any library parking lot or grounds.
If you feel like learning something new while you're home, Harvard University is offering 70 online courses for free!
Take Virtual Visits to Local Attractions and
Museums and Art Galleries Around The World
For The Kids
TV and Movies

Stream Selected HBO programs for free on Hulu, with HBOGO, or here .
Until May 10, get one month of CBS All Access for free.
Crackle has plenty of free movies and TV shows (if you don't mind commercials).
How To Protect Yourself From Misinformation

A lot of information and misinformation is floating around right now. It seems to be coming at us all the time from every direction. Remember: A lot of media outlets (especially new outlets that operate solely online) operate on a pay per click business model. It is in their financial interest for you to have an immediate and strong reaction to a story and share it before reflecting on what it means and whether it is true. However, that is not what is in your own best interest. Here are some ways to make sure you can find what's true.

If you're concerned specifically about what is going on in our state,

In general, limit the amount of news you get from social media. Try to find more than one independent source for each piece of information.

Beware of news that appeals to emotion and confirms what you already believe without exploring facts or considering alternate points of view.

Try to determine the context of quotes.

Consider sources for reliability. Keep in mind the agenda of each news outlet. If you are not sure of an outlet's agenda, check the media bias factcheck and we rate the news websites.

Examine everything you read for credibility before sharing it on social media.

Check the status of your stimulus check here .
File unemployment claims here .

Food and Social Services
Legal Issues

Harford County Circuit Court is closed until June 5 except for emergency purposes. Harford County District Court is closed except for bail reviews, emergency petitions, and orders of protection. Evictions are stayed until further notice . If you have a court date, you will receive a notice of it being rescheduled.
If you have been the victim of domestic violence or sexual assault , please call SARC at
410-836-8430 and see a list of Harford County resources here .

Disability Support

The Harford County Expo for Transitioning Youth has been postponed until further notice.
Read the memo from the governor's office on local giving and volunteerism!

Please don't forget to complete the 2020 Census online.

If you're ordering more from Amazon than usual these days, don't forget to pick The Harford Center or another charity support

We know that many people
have lost their jobs and need their stimulus checks to cover
expenses. However, if you are fortunate enough to still have income and you can afford to
do so, please consider helping a local charity or nonprofit. Most
of us are doing absolutely vital
work in our community with far fewer resources than before. Our staff continues to find creative
ways to support people with disabilities in our community at
great personal risk to their own health and wellbeing.
Please consider donating to
The Harford Center at or to any local nonprofit. We can’t do it without this community’s support.