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Read Beth Caldwell_s Post_Being an Ally_

Hello Fellow Advocates,

Thank you to everyone working so hard to help make Metastatic Breast Cancer Research a priority which benefits all stages 0-4.

This is the time for all stages to comes together with patient advocates, researchers, medical professionals...etc. We must focus on prioritizing saving and extending lives with quality of life we can impact over 40,000 women and 400 men that die in the US alone from metastatic breast cancer (over 500,000 worldwide). 

If we focus research on those dying now, it will benefit all of us and lead to a cure.
The best part of what is happening now is the unity coming from all stages and specialities in breast cancer around this realization that we must keep up our efforts.

We all have lost too many people from this disease. No oncologist, breast surgeon, breast cancer patients, stages 0-4, caregivers, etc.knows more than the horrible despair one feels losing their loved ones to this disease. 

My incredible friend Beth Caldwell (see photo above) wrote an excellent post about this called:   "Being an Ally."
PLEASE READ IT - - after you take a minute to sign the petition below.   

If you've been watching us on Social Media, we have been very busy. Soon we will talk more about the direction of A4BC.ORG, our exciting new partners and the awesome Living Beyond Breast Cancer Conference. 

Attention: Patient Advocates: Please Sign this Petition! 
This only takes a minute to sign. Every signature counts. Please note there are many great people involved in making metaststaic research a priority for the #Cancer #Moonshot program. Make sure they hear a strong coalition of patient advocates to be part of the whole process. 

Sign the Petition to promote metastatic research.

Thank you! 

Here's more ways you can contribute your ideas via the NCI related to the #Cancer #Moonshot Program.

You can send an email message to You can also register below. 
If you are too busy now, please go back to sign the   White House Petition.

 Living Beyond Breast Cancer and MetUp Die-In

                   We will be writing more about this soon. Meanwhile here's a few pics!

Thanks again for your continued support! We couldn't do any of this without you. 

Warm Regards,                                                     
Susan Z.
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