Unlocking compassion fatigue discomfort is the focus of the next installment of a national virtual symposium series on practices that are transforming the youth justice system to one where culturally responsive community-based services replace incarceration and congregate placement. Shawn Ginwright, PhD, Patricia K. Kerig, PhD and Rhonda V. Magee (J.D., M.A., sociology) will share unique perspectives and provide therapeutic guidance in “On the Road to Unlocked! – Unlocking Worker Well-Being: Transforming Youth Justice from the Inside Out” at noon – 1:30 PM ET, Thursday, March 24.

The On the Road to Unlocked! series, which highlights alternatives to ineffective youth justice approaches that disproportionately harm Black and Brown youth, is presented, and sponsored by Youth Advocate Programs (YAP), Inc., a national nonprofit providing community-based alternatives to youth incarceration, congregate placements and neighborhood violence, and The Social Justice Initiative (SJI) of Bryn Mawr College. The series is co-sponsored by the National Human Services Assembly (NHSA).