Dear CASA,
Tippecanoe County CASA has always operated in a culture of inclusion, acceptance, and encouragement. As Americans, we are surrounded by racism every day whether we choose to recognize it or not. This national outrage and division within our communities could not have been more predictable as individuals struggle to rectify their privilege in a quest to achieve equity.
At CASA, we give voice to the voiceless and we have always stood for doing what is right. It is who we are at our core, and it is why we advocate for children. We operate on the platinum rule of treating others how they wish to be treated and work to ensure all of our children and their families are treated with dignity and respect no matter their situation, background, or identity. Freedom of expression means every voice is equal and has the right to be heard.
We will not put up fences. Instead, we will continue to build bridges in our community. All members of Tippecanoe County deserve to feel safe, affirmed in who they are, and able to enjoy life in a more just, equitable society. Our leaders must lend their ears to calls for changes that will advance these values. 
It is the responsibility of all of us, working together, to make life better for ourselves, each other, our community, and the children and families we serve.

Coleen Connor
Executive Director