Aegis Club- Mogul
The Aegis Club is one of City of Titan's mogul buildings, a Victorian Mansion with stables for horses in a courtyard on Byrne Park nestled within the Carthage Gated Community in Scholarton.
This old Victorian mansion with its courtyards and stables is another survivor of the 1908 fire and is home to the prestigious Aegis organization.
The equestrian statue in the courtyard has become a regular meeting spot for Satyrs, Nymphs and Faeries who practice magic with teams of like-minded folk in Byrne Park.
While the stables are used by the public for renting horses, the Aegis Club runs most activities hidden from public view inside its large mansion.
Occasionally you may catch one of the members heading out of the compound through their gateway into Byrne Park and can ask them details about the club.