We recommend turf core aeration to our customers as a standard enhancement to our yearly turf care program. Aeration improves overall turf health and is also the best method of managing thatch and soil compaction. 
A thatch layer can make it difficult for irrigation water to get to grass roots. In addition, compact soils are not a good environment for grass roots to grow so they become shallow. Aeration is a cost-effective method to combat these conditions, improving turf grass health and saving irrigation water.
The benefits of aeration are significant but short lived lasting only 3-4 months. This is why we propose it every spring as we enter the normal peak irrigation season. This will maximize the water saving and return on your investment. 
If you haven't already approved aeration for 2021, you should have received a proposal recently.  Please approve soon if you haven't already so we can schedule this service in June.