Aeration/Seeding Watering Guidelines & Landscape Schedule

September 4, 2018       
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Aeration/Seeding Watering Guidelines
Landscape Schedule September 3 - September 7
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Dear Avenel Residents:

Below please find some important Community information. 
Aeration/Seeding Watering Guidelines 
In this hot dry weather for aeration and seeding to be effective, the seed needs to be watered. Player's Turning and Rapley Preserve were aerated and seeded last week. This week will be Rapley Preser ve and Oaklyn Woods . To get the best looking results for full grass to grow in bare spots, water daily until the seed catches. The seed also needs around 6 hours a day of sun light. Below is a link for further information that we hope you take a look at. 
Landscape Schedule
September 3 - September 7
In order to keep our residents better informed as to what services McFall & Berry Landscape crews are performing in their Village and when, the ACA, along with McFall & Berry, will be sending out a weekly e-newsletter EVERY MONDAY of a projected/tentative schedule of landscape services for the current week.   

Specific landscaping questions or concerns regarding the schedule below can be directed to Lisa Gabriel, McFall & Berry Landscape Management's Customer Service Representative via email by clicking here.
This is just a reminder that all landscape services are dependent on weather and ground conditions. During and following rainfall, the McFall & Berry managers and I perform regular checks of soil moisture conditions by walking the property. When soil conditions reach a point where excessive damage may occur to the lawn from the equipment they are pulled off the properties and return again when conditions allow.    

As always should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.
Tom Ritter
Site Operations Manager

- The Avenel Community Association

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