Dear Aerial Warehouse Friends and Families,

Thank you for your patience and perseverance through this challenging time. We are hopeful that guidelines to re-open our facility will be established soon so we can continue servicing the community. Our gym is unlike most and navigating these guidelines can be tricky and a little strenuous. However, we will work to offer a modified format while adhering to new policies in an effort to reconnect with you!
RE-OPENING date is still TBD, but we will give you an open date as soon as we can!

Youth enrollments  are canceled for the season. If you received any emails from April or May, these can be ignored as any missed automatic charges were voided. Aerial Warehouse is sharing in the economic impact that so many are enduring. We are unable to offer credits from March at this time and sincerely appreciate your cooperation in simply aiming to move forward with us. We hope to resume with a modified class and camp structure as soon as mandates are lifted. This information will be delivered as soon as possible.
Adult classes  will be posted as soon as we are allowed to re-open and can adhere to new standards. All classes will continue upon on the previous schedule . All packages will be extended. Please let us know if you need your series extended.
Any memberships will need to be re-established upon re-opening.

As always, safety is our #1 concern. The Warehouse and all apparatus have been fully cleaned and disinfected by a professional cleaning service. We will resume with the same high-level precautions for practicing Aerial and Action Arts. There will be new entrance guidelines and Social Distancing Protocols introduced as we prepare to re-open.
In addition, upon re-opening, we will be continuously wiping surfaces and cleaning our facility as well as asking students to wash their hands pre and post class. We may also invite students to re-wash their hands during training time if deemed appropriate or necessary. There are also some new hand sanitizer stations for your convenience that you will be made aware of upon entrance.
Until then, FOR KIDS FUN
Check out AW’s YouTube channel.  We have a few episodes of Fitness Friends with Jordan and Sarah. Two sisters who are discovering fun ways to stay active at home! You can also look for our Riddles for some added brain teasers.
More to come. We hope to see you soon.
Peace, Love and Social Distancing,
Shana and Wendy