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This month's AeroUpdate spotlights the SmartTruck Classic Aero System, and how it helps combat the large, draggy, wake behind the vehicle. The large wake behind the trailer is very unsteady and chaotically pulls the trailer from side to side. Our SmartTruck Classic was designed not only to minimize that drag, and thus fuel, but also to stabilize the trailer and make it easier to pull while helping to combat driver fatigue.
Please don't hesitate to contact the SmartTruck engineering team or your local SmartTruck representative if you'd like to learn more.
The SmartTruck Classic Aero System consists of the Forward UnderTray (FUT), Integrated Sled (IS), and Aero Rain Guard (ARG) as shown below.

The Forward UnderTray (FUT) and Integrated Sled (IS) are rotational molded parts made out of Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE). THE FUT and IS are assembled together, and then assembled to the trailer I-Beams in front of the tandem slider rails. Standard position for these parts is 23 feet, +/- 2 feet from the rear of the trailer.

The Aero Rain Guard (ARG) is a twin sheet, thermoformed plastic part, made from MetaForm 7200 Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO). The ARG kit is pre-assembled at SmartTruck, affording customers an easy and quick install to the rear roof area.


To explain the "wake" created and manipulated behind the trailer, a slice of the wake 10 feet behind the trailer taken from CFD is used. This provides a clear representation of just how quickly the SmartTruck Classic components change the wake behind the trailer in comparison to a stock trailer with no aerodynamic product.


When a trailer is kitted with SmartTruck's Classic Kit, 
the ARG gets an additional gain in performance
directly attributed to the addition of the Forward UnderTray and Integrated Sled.

The Forward UnderTray and Integrated Sled create an accelerated column of air along the ground, creating a suction that allows the ARG to direct even more high-speed air
from above the trailer into the base wake.

The results are measurable decrease in drag and an average 5.5% improvement in fuel economy.

Wake Comparison Stock Trailer vs. Stock Trailer w/Classic Aero System