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This month's AeroUpdate explores the principles behind the SmartTruck top-of-the-line Premier Aero System. As every operator knows, the large wake behind a trailer is very unsteady, and pulls the vehicle chaotically from side to side. SmartTruck's Premier not only saves fuel consumption by reducing drag, its engineering also stabilizes the trailer, making it easier to pull and reducing driver fatigue. 

Learn more below about the aerodynamics behind the Premier System, or visit our website.

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The SmartTruck Premier Aero System consists of
the Forward UnderTray (FUT), Integrated Sled (IS), Diffuser (DIF), Aero Rain Guard (ARG),
and Side Fairings (SF) as shown below.

The ARG and Side Fairings are twin sheet, thermoformed plastic parts, made from MetaForm 7200 Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO).  The ARG kit is pre-assembled at SmartTruck, giving the customer an easy and quick install to the rear roof area.

The FUT, IS, and DIF are rotational molded parts made out of Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE).


To explain the "wake" created and manipulated behind the trailer, a slice of the wake 10 feet behind the trailer taken from CFD is used. This illustration provides a clear representation of just how quickly the SmartTruck Premier Aero System changes the wake behind the trailer in comparison to a stock trailer with no aerodynamic product.


When a trailer is kitted with SmartTruck's Premier Aero System, the ARG gets an even greater gain in performance when compared to either the TopKit or Classic System.

This extra performance is due to the Diffuser being added. SmartTruck's Diffuser helps keep the air coming from the Forward UnderTray and Integrated Sled trapped along the ground, thus accelerating the column of air along the ground and adding additional suction to help the ARG turn even more high speed air from above the trailer into the base wake.

Wake Comparison Stock Trailer vs. Stock Trailer w/Premier Aero System