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SmartTruck's TopKit Aero System is in our spotlight this month. Like other SmartTruck products and systems, the TopKit lowers fuel consumption by reducing the large, draggy wake behind the vehicle. Learn more below about the aerodynamics behind the TopKit or visit our website.

Our TopKit Aero System, named an HDT Top 20 product in 2015, is an innovative approach to aerodynamically improving fuel mileage without attaching obstructive components like skirts to the underside of the trailer. So there is no risk of damage from loading docks or intermodal operations.
Please don't hesitate to contact the SmartTruck engineering team or your local SmartTruck representative if you'd like to learn more.  For sales inquires or to purchase a SmartTruck System call (864) 236-4970 or email
The SmartTruck TopKit Aero System consists of the
Aero Rain Guard (ARG) and 2 Side Fairings (one on each side) as shown below.

The Side Fairings are twin sheet, thermoformed MetaForm 7200 TPO, similar to the ARG. They can fit flat and corrugated trailers; the difference is the brackets and an additional transition piece when the trailer is corrugated.

The Aero Rain Guard (ARG) is a twin sheet, thermoformed plastic part, made from MetaForm 7200 Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO). The ARG kit is pre-assembled at SmartTruck, affording customers an easy and quick install to the rear roof area. (See installation video here.)


To explain the "wake" created and manipulated behind the trailer, a slice of the wake 10 feet behind the trailer taken from CFD is used.


When a trailer is kitted with SmartTruck's TopKit, the ARG and Side Fairings
combat the large base wake behind the trailer by contouring up into the faster moving air
above the trailer and redirecting it into the base wake behind the trailer.

The potential fuel savings from the TopKit is up to 5.5% improvement
during normal, long haul highway operations.

Wake Comparison Stock Trailer vs. Stock Trailer w/TopKit Aero System