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SmartTruck will be releasing a new version of the Aero Rain Guard (ARG) kit in early 2017. The most significant change is that the front steel tube weldment that spans the trailer roof has been removed, therefore reducing the weight by roughly 9 pounds.

With this improvement, the SmartTruck TopKit Aero System, which includes the ARG and Side Fairings, has continued to perform as one of the lightest weight and most durable, C.A.R.B. compliant aerodynamic solutions available.
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Testing the Durability and Strength of the ARG Kit System Upgrade
SolidWorks Simulation & 3rd Party FEMAP Analysis
SmartTruck has recently been able to effectively eliminate the front-welded steel tube, used to mount the ARG to the trailer roofs.
It was confirmed that by removing the front tube and keeping the larger rear-welded steel tube, the ARG brackets can effectively be optimized to account for the change in stress behavior on the rear of the trailer.

Below are diagrams taken from a few of the actual Finite Element Modeling and Postprocessing (FEMAP) simulations evaluated. 

For the simulations, the rear, top section of the trailer is modeled where the ARG attaches to the roof.
Shown here the trailer roof, side wall, side extrusion, and header area have meshing applied to approximate geometric domains for failure analysis.
The resulting computed stresses based on such details as system materials, assumptions of degrees of freedom, and worst-case load scenarios, are calculated.

Destructive Testing
SmartTruck additionally performs destructive testing on new designs and modifications, to compare results created from any computer simulations. The picture below shows the test set up on top of a trailer roof, used to substantiate what is expected and calculated from the FEMAP analysis.
The new solution is mounted on the trailer, like the original solution, by bolting through the side flanges on the roof. The difference is there is only 1 steel tube spanning the roof.
The system is pulled to failure.

Video cameras are used and pictures are taken, to record the part behavior as the load is increased on the system.
Final Solution Produced from Engineering Testing and Evaluations
The new design incorporates the follow features. These were determined as a result of the simulation and destructive testing, comparing the old and new ARG systems.
  1. Optimized roadside and curbside brackets, with features added to stiffen in high stress concentration areas.
  2. Large washer and bolt used to mount rear tube, reducing chances of bolt tear out or pull through.
  3. Grade 8 bolts used to mount to the trailer instead of Grade 5, to increase strength capability under worst-case loading.
  4. Additional features added to the front of the ARG brackets to assist in keeping the front edge of the ARG down.