2016 Western Turbine Users (WTUI): Issue 3

At annual meetings of the Western Turbine Users Inc, the technical sessions begin on Monday afternoon. Over the next two days, users participate in the breakout session focusing on their engine of interest-LM2500, LM5000, LM6000, or LMS100. In sum, about nine hours of presentations and discussions in each track dig into the nitty gritty of gas turbine O&M. No better place for owner/operators of LM aeros to learn; if you don't understand something, there's always a colleague or supplier willing to help.  more   
Users will believe their colleagues in the trenches before they'll believe what a vendor says. Four highly regarded user presentations made during the LM6000 breakout sessions, chaired by Andrew Gundershaug, plant manager, Calpine Solanno Peakers, are summarized in this issue of CCJ Onsite:
Drones facilitate some HRSG inspections, maintenance decision-making
Commercially available drones have become much more than a weekend novelty. Some facility owner/operators use them to survey and inspect transmission and distribution systems, pipelines, plant boundaries, or the plant itself. And some have now moved indoors to inspect wall panels, burner systems, and critical heat-transfer surfaces of large fossil-fueled boilers. more 
How users, depots, OEM interact to solve problems-a case study
Users may struggle with some issues for years before viable solutions are confirmed through fleet-wide operating experience of components re-engineered by the OEM. Coking in the D/E sump drain and D-sump scavenge line, located in the turbine rear frame (TRF) at the 6 o'clock position, is one of those. A review of editorial notes indicates coking has been covered in presentations and discussions in the LM6000 breakout sessions the last three years, at least. more 
Special technical presentations profiled here focus on LM6000 maintenance, repair
This year the WTUI President Chuck Casey and the organization's officers and directors increased by 50% the number of speakers participating in the group's popular special technical presentations session to expose attendees to more subjects of interest beyond the basic engine. The Tuesday afternoon program in Palm Springs began at 2:30, an hour earlier than had been the norm. This provided time for three one-hour sessions in series, each offering three concurrent presentations.  more
2016 upcoming user-group meetings
  • CCUG/STUG/GUG, Aug 22-25.
  • CTOTF Fall Turbine Forum, Sept 11-15.
  • Air-Cooled Condenser (ACC) Users Group, Oct 3-6.
  • more 
Upcoming CCJ Webinar: Robust Bucket Repair of 7FA.03 1st Stage Bucket
Erosion / corrosion / oxidation of the tips, lifting of the tip plates, liberation of the tip plates, shortened life cycles and increased repair costs have led Sulzer to engineer robust bucket repairs for the 7FA.03 end users.
Presented by Travis Cockrell and Michael Andrepont

Thursday, September 8, 2016 @ 1pm East/10am Pac.

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