Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The Daily Word is timeless. Each week in this space we invite you to enjoy a Daily Word reading from the past. 

The Daily Word from
Wednesday, July 15, 1953



I GIVE up all tendency to look for faults or imperfections. I have no desire to behold my own or another's shortcomings. I do not wish to see that which is not of God or characteristic of His children.

In Truth man is perfect. I am perfect, because I am the perfect child of God. I am the child of perfection. In God I am in all ways perfect.

I resemble my spiritual Father, God, because I am created in His love, life, power, and perfection. All the characteristics and qualities of divine Being are mine, the child of God. All who claim His promises may lay hold of His perfection.

I now awaken from the illusion of limitations, and I realize that I am unlimited, unfettered, unbound. I realize that God has not created me with imperfections or limitations. I know the truth that God has made me perfect and that He continues to keep me established in the consciousness of perfection.

Ye therefore shall be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.MATT. 5:48.

One of the questions from the ULV survey we just completed is  “when church can reopen, what are you likely to do?”  

  • 18% (7 people) responded they will resume attending church in-person
  • 23% (9 people) responded they would continue participating online
  • 52% (20 people) responded they will participate in a hybrid fashion

So 75% of the population wants to see online delivery continue. While we’ve done a great job learning on-the-fly how to conduct Facebook Live services and making them available for replay, we must improve our capabilities in order to accommodate both delivering the sermon live for attendees in the Sanctuary and simultaneously live-streaming to homes.

To that end, we need a volunteer from the ULV community, or a friend of the ULV community who can LEAD the charge to determine what we need for equipment (hardware & software) & personnel (computer operator, camera operator, sound mixer, sound technician, technical engineer, etc.) for the long term. The current arrangement (using a cell phone as a camera, and Alan Ritz as camera operator, etc.) isn't a viable solution for the long term!

Many different individuals have reached out to other Unity churches, friends, family members, etc. to ask questions but all that information is scattered as of today. We need someone who can conduct research, consult with expert AV companies, make recommendations to the Board, and drive the project through to completion.
If you or someone you know can chair this ultra-important initiative, contact Karen in the office by email at or call 610-965-3036, option 1.
Thank you!
Marisa & the ULV Board of Trustees

Rev Rachel Sue Ritz
Guest Speaker 
July 2020

Note: Services will be live-streamed at  10:00am 

This Sunday: Intentions and Affirmations

During June and July Rev Rachel Sue Ritz will be using THE HANDBOOK OF SPIRITUAL TOOLS by Rev. Lauren McLaughlin for her Sunday messages. The Handbook of Spiritual Tools is a small book with a very big message. It offers a formula for what to do when you reach the end of your rope. That is the time when human minds become enmeshed in the details of their problem and fail to realize that nothing will change - their mental loop will continue - until they reach beyond the challenge to find the solution.

Reverend Rachel Sue Ritz was a member of Unity of Lehigh Valley from 1989 to 1998 prior to attending Unity's Ministerial Education Program. In 2000 she graduated from ministerial school and was Senior Minister at Unity by the Bay in Maryland. She and her husband, Alan, then moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland where they pioneered Unity Church of Life. In 2005 Rachel rejoined Alan in the Lehigh Valley where he was attending chaplain training.

While attending ULV Rachel Sue became a Licensed Unity Teacher and served on most teams at the church. She and Alice Anne Miller (Unity of Lehigh Valley co-founder) were co-spiritual leaders at ULV while the church was searching for a new minister. 

Rev. Rachel Sue is grateful for the opportunity to serve as a guest speaker at her home church where she was spiritually fed and reborn.

Join us on Sundays at 10:00am live on Facebook

The bulletin for our Sunday celebration this week, July 19th.

Services are live-streamed at 10:00am. 

"See you there!" 

Please note, our Sanctuary is not open to congregants at this time.  
Caroline Chang will be our guest speaker for August 2nd and August 9th.

Message for August 2, 2020
Title: The Solution to All the World Problems
Description :
Science is now teaching us that all life, everything we call physical matter is energy and that energy is interconnected and interdependent. In essence, everyone is ONE with each other, all of nature and God. Knowing the Truth of Oneness will put an end to war, crime, poverty, racism, cruelty to animals, religious and cultural division, environmental damage, and illness. We are in the midst of Humanity’s Mass Awakening, a global consciousness shift from Separation Consciousness to Unity Consciousness. We are living at the dawn of a New Age for Humanity.

Message for August 9, 2020
Title: Unity Within Diversity - 2020 The Year of Clear Vision
Description :
The world we are living in today may appear to be very crazy and in a state of chaos. It appears that way if we are only looking at what is happening from a limited 3 rd dimensional perspective or viewpoint. When we look deeper from a higher perspective, from a limitless Spiritual perspective, we see things very differently. Sharing your unique perspective in LOVE and respect, while allowing others to have their own unique perspective is honoring them for the Divine Being of Light they are. It is not a matter of Right or Wrong, it is only a matter of perspective. When we look from a Higher Soul perspective we see that all things are happening in Perfect Divine Timing, in Perfect Divine Order. 

Caroline Chang is the Producer and Host of Awake 2 Oneness Radio , Founder of The KYLE Foundation ( Keep Your Light Expanding ), and Co-Founder of Universal Oneness Alliance. In January of 2015, she was inspired by inner Spirit guidance, six months after the transition of her son Kyle, to launch her show and start a non-profit foundation in his memory. The mission of Awake 2 Oneness Radio and The KYLE Foundation is to inspire the world to awaken to the Universal Truth of Oneness. Science and Spirituality are teaching us we are literally all connected, we are all ONE and when mankind awakens to this Truth there will be peace on earth.

Caroline is also the former producer for Xpnsion Network, Global Oneness Day 2017, and Living in Oneness Summit. She is the former Executive Assistant to the Director of Humanity’s Team, a non-profit organization founded by Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations with God book series.
There will be an UP meeting on August 2nd after the service so the Board can update the congregation on what is happening at ULV and to entertain your questions. Please join us for this meeting so we stay in communication with one another! The Zoom link will be provided closer to the meeting.
August 16th and 30th our guest speaker will be Rev Sandra Butler.

Message for August 16, 2020
Title: The I of the Storm
Description: E xploring the principles of embracing conflict and creating peace in everyday life and how to demonstrate Unity principles in times of conflict.

Rev Sandy will be hosting a workshop via Zoom after the service at 11:30 to explore The "I" of the Storm in further detail. Love offerings are welcome for the workshop and can be sent to the church or through PayPal. Please note it is a love offering for the workshop in the memo section.

Books can be purchased through Amazon for $13.13 (including tax). If you would like, you can email Karen in the office and she will order you a copy and have it sent directly to your home. Rev Sandy highly recommends people read the book prior to the workshop to achieve maximum benefit.

Message for August 30, 2020
Title: Practical Immortality
Description: Exploring the path to higher consciousness that allows us to realize our infinite potential.

Rev. Sandra Butler has been an ordained Unity minister for 17 years and was a minister at Unity of Fairfax for 8 years. She is a transitional consultant with Unity Worldwide Ministries, specializing in guiding ministries in times of transition and considers herself a bridge to transformative change. Her current passion is learning and teaching about practical metaphysics.

Rev Sandy is currently working with our Board of Trustees in our transition process in seeking a new permanent minister for ULV. We are grateful for her knowledge, expertise and guidance in this important process.

Unity of Lehigh Valley continues to incur routine bills, even while we are not meeting in our sanctuary. Your continued gifts assure the ongoing work that we do and maintaining our building to return to.

There is a DONATE button on the top navigation of our website.
This WEEK, through July 15 (includes mailed and online donations)
Additionally you can mail checks directly to the church at ULV, 26 N 3rd Street, Emmaus, PA 18049 or set up a weekly or monthly payment directly from your bank. Contact the church office if you have questions about how to get your tithe to the church.

What Are You Grateful For?

Thank you to Walt Zaharchuk for spending so much time enhancing our audio system to improve our live-streaming capabilities for our Sunday Services. You are a blessing to ULV!
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